Saturday, November 27, 2021

This Week's Building Progress (Nov. 22-26)

 It was a short work week this week for Thanksgiving, but there was still some marked progress.

The kitchen cabinets were delivered.

Drywall spackling has begun.
The front porch is pretty well finished.

As exciting as the progress is, there is still much to do and much more for US to do when the construction is complete. I may have spent one evening this week curled up in bed overwhelmed and crying. One step at a time and one day I'll realize that the house is settled and clean again.

The Fishing Adventures

 I decided that we were not having school on Wednesday. Dad decided that it was a good day to go fishing. And somehow I decided that I would go fishing too which led to all of the children also being excited to go fishing. I spent Tuesday evening trying to figure out how to get out of going fishing. lol. It was the fishing that I wasn't excited about. I actually like being on the water; however, I do not like being cold and it was a COLD day. 

And so I wore 4 layers on top, fleece lined leggings under jeans, 2 pairs of socks, 2 hats, gloves, mask and sunglasses. The children thought it was overkill, but once we got on the water they were happy for all of the extra clothes I had brought along. Somehow we managed to be short a pair of gloves so I gave up mine and had cold hands. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and beyond the cold it was really a beautiful day.

We were fishing for Rock fish in the bay. Grandad hannded Aliza the first pole. She immediately caught fish. This was her first time on the boat.
It was pretty exciting to catch 2 fish on the first drop!
After that, the rest of our time looked like this:
The rest of us did not even get a bite. Turns out we were about an hour too late. 

It's a terrible camera angle, but Isaiah was my fishing buddy. Mostly he was happy for me to hold the pole while he ate snacks. Grandad stocks up on Doritos, Oreos, doughnuts and soda which the children very much look forward to. lol. And, yes, Isaiah chattered away nonstop the entire time.

Josiah was pretty bummed. With a full boat, we kindof invaded his fishing space. Josiah was due for a fun, very successful fishing trip. 

I'm not sure if it was Josiah's idea or Grandad's idea, but that evening Jeremy got a text about going fishing the next day. Jeremy, Josiah and Grandad got on the water at 8:30 the next morning and they caught lots of fish!

They look a little less intimidated about being cold than I was!

They caught Rock fish nonstop for an hour. Josiah said they caught at least 40. The limit is one per person so they only brought 3 home.

They had FUN!


Monday, November 22, 2021


 Happy 11th Birthday Anna!

I love finding your selfies on my phone! I love watching you grow up. It's going to be a year full of lots of fun and adventures!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Week's Building Progress (Nov 15-19)

 It's been a week with lots of visible progress! What I didn't get a picture of is the new front door. I bought it and Dad drove it up to our house. It is not quite the color I had imagined, but it still looks great. The door we bought is 6 inches wider than the previous door and we moved the whole door over 6 inches so that it is slightly more "centered". Then it was time for the porch floor. Ultimately, it was decided to reframe the floor so that it would be properly angled for water runoff. 

Inside, the drywall subcontractors were working. By Friday all of the drywall was hung. It has been really fun to walk through the real rooms this weekend. This week the drywall finisher, a separate subcotractor, will be here.
The porch posts have been changed and the floor framing finished.
This week looks to be another busy week here!

A Hard Good-bye

I don't even really know how to write about this because I still catch myself thinking almost every day "I can't believe she is gone." Jeremy's Aunt Betsy passed away October 30 from COVID pneumonia. She was 62 with no outstanding medical conditions (and not vaccinated since everyone asks). Her body simply fought the virus in a negative, self destructing way. Last weekend was her memorial service. There were hundreds of people that visited prior to the service and many stayed for the service. Almost all of the Freed nieces and nephews stood in the back.

Betsy was Karen's sister in law and her husband, Phil is Karen's brother. Many of Karen and Phil's aunts and uncles were in attendance. I had the chance to grab a picture with Karen and Jeremy of our shared relative. The man in the black suit, Marvin, is Jeremy's great uncle and Eunice, the lady in blue is my great aunt. Eunice is my Grandad's sister. She is 90 and it feels like this special gift to make that connection with her.

The processional to the cemetery was the longest I've ever seen. On the way, the wind picked up and it started raining and sleeting. As we drove in, I watched umbrellas turn inside out. Aliza and Jeremy went to the site, but the other children and I stayed in the car. Very wimpy, I know, but there were still A LOT of people at the graveside.

There was a meal at an event location. It was a restored barn and a really peaceful setting.

Isaiah wasn't thrilled about sandwiches but was quite proud of his chip plate. He and I had talked about 2 bags of chips. He wasn't sitting at the same table that I was and was quite proud that he got back to his table with 4 bags of chips and a Coke.

Jeremy's aunt and uncle from Oregon were there along with his brother from Texas and cousins from Montana and Indiana. It was really nice to see everyone.

This time we stayed with Jeremy's cousin and his wife. They have 8 month old twin boys. We had such a good time with them. Our children cannot wait to go back in the summer when they can really explore their yard.

Ashton crawled right up to Josiah and gave him no choice but to pick him up and then he sat contentedly on Josiah's lap for a long time.

Isaiah wasn't quite sure what to do when Rowan crawled up to him. Aliza and Anna couldn't get enough baby time.

After the service and the next morning the Freed family was together visiting, eating and playing with babies. It felt like a special time. Maybe we all felt a little more grateful and a little more fragile and family felt that much more important.

The children went to play Apples to Apples and so I took my chance to sit by Amanda. lol. One of the great aunts called Amanda "Carla" with me standing right beside Amanda. So so funny. And when Apples to Apples was over, Aliza made a bee line to Amanda and snuggled in.

I guess at some point my husband's family became my own. This has shook me as if Betsy was my aunt.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

This Week's Building Progress (Nov 8-12)


Back porch rail.
Small linen closet which was an unexpected addition at the recommendation of our Project Manager.
Some more siding was installed. We had a long meeting with Ryan and sorted out some more details. I walked away thinking that that might have been our last meeting. I can hope! 

Since we are already at the end of the next week as I'm writing this I can tell you that a lot has happened this week!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Ant Farm

One of the stories in Isaiah's school reading book was about a boy who was trying to find a pet that would not make him sneeze. In the end the boy settled on an ant farm. Isaiah was intrigued and thought that would be really neat.  And so Isaiah was given an ant farm for his birthday. The only problem was that the ants arrived dead. He waited very patiently for me to order a new batch. I ordered double the amount and they arrived very much alive! He was so excited.

We put the ants in and he sat and watched and carried it around for the next day.

Ultimately we decided it would be best if it lived at Grandma and Grandad's house for now since the temperature in our house is not consistent. Isaiah put it right beside him while he does school.
We all enjoy checking on the tunneling progress each day. Isaiah takes it over to show Great Grandad every couple days. Great Grandad enjoys seeing it and that Isaiah then grabs a huge handful of pretzels out of the his container. This is a week or so of work by the ants. The picture doesn't really show the itricacy of the tunneling i the left top corner.