Saturday, October 27, 2007

Aliza's new Boots

It has rained for 4 days and the Cat in the Hat did not show up with any tricks. So today I bought Aliza some rubber boots and out we went. (It is actually still pretty warm so no fear of catching colds!) The boots were a little big. She was walking like a duck, but they were so cute.

Bigger must be better

These pictures don't do justice for the size of Jeremy's new computer case. When we first got married he came home with the case on the left. It had see through panels and "cool" blue lights mounted on the inside. I did not think that that case added anything to what I was trying to make our living room.

Well, I have officially given up on trying to have a living room especially since this monster of a computer case entered our house this week. It is ranked #1 by Maximum PC so it must be the best. It is silent and keeps the computer components nice and cool. has feet to keep it off the ground!

Jeremy let me move all my scrapbook stuff in our room to make room for baby #2...little did I know his revenge was a monstrosity of a computer case in the living room!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just a picture

Cool! It worked and I did it by myself again. =)

Trying this out

I'm tired to myspace cheez and spam so I decided to try out a blog. This was really easy to set up (I did it without my husband's help and that is saying A LOT!). I'll have to figure out how to add pictures yet. But here I am to keep you updated on the "little things" that go on in our lives!