Monday, August 19, 2019

Ohio Trip--3

This is currently my favorite picture of Janell and I. Our first stop in Sauder Village was the coffee shop. The children were super excited and Janell and I were feeling the effects of a bigger-than-planned-on-day yesterday. 
 Sauder Village is almost a magical place for us. It's peaceful and slow paced and almost feels like we are in a difference place altogether.
 We started in the Indian settlement and immediately learned that there is a significant difference between a wigwam and a teepee. This is a wigwam. I'm sure you are dying of curiosity now so I'll tell you the difference! A wigwam was used by the Woodland Indians. It was a smaller temporary shelter. It takes more tree trunks to make a wigwam than a teepee. A wigwam would be abandoned when the Indians moved on since the long poles could not be drug through the forest. A teepee was used by the Plains Indians. Fewer, thicker poles were cut down in the foothills before entering the Plains. Teepees were dismantled when the Indians moved and were lashed together and used to carry their supplies.
 At the covered wagon camp Josiah carried the water buckets.
 This must be the cutest teacher ever in an early pioneer schoolhouse.
 Every year we get a picture of Anna in front of "Anna's Spinning Shop"
 The afternoon requires ice cream or popcorn from the ice cream shop!
 I highly recommend the Buckeye ice cream.
 One of the highlights was watching the potter form canisters. We watched him knead the clay (there were 6 lumps under that towel), put a formless lump on the wheel and in a matter of minutes he had the shape of the canister.
 We took Subway to Grandma's house for supper and our evening activity was driving the Barn Quilt Trail.
 I had the children in my car--minus the oldest and the youngest! Renee had the map and read the descriptions of each quilt and Josiah was the photographer. There were 10 stops and it took about an hour. My car had fun until number 7 and skipped number 10!
 We had the windows rolled down to enjoy the fresh air and country smells!
 Before we headed toward home the next morning, we spend some more time with Grandma. There was Dutch Blitz happening and Janell and I told Grandma about our flower gardens and showed her pictures.
 And, of course, the good bye pictures!

I failed in the hotel planning for that night. I had the right hotel in my mind (we've stayed there before), but the wrong town. That added 30 minutes to our drive that night when we were more than ready to be done driving! And then the hotel person refused to give us adjoining rooms so we didn't get to have the big slumber party we were hoping for. AND when we finally got the children to the pool there was thunder and lightening. So we swam in the morning before we left. I dare say we were all happy to see our house and Daddy (Jeremy) and sleep in our own beds!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Ohio Trip--2

The original plan for this day didn't work out so Janell and I had to come up with a plan on the fly. We probably should have chosen one of these activities and rested for the rest of the day, but we did them both and were exhausted at the end of the day!

Who would have guessed that Spangler candy factory that makes Dum Dum lollipops and candy canes is in middle of nowhere Ohio.
 There was a trolley tour of the packaging and shipping departments that we went on. (I'm leaving out a very dramatic and emotional story of Anna and Isaiah thinking the world had ended over having to wear hair nets on the trolley.) It was interesting to see how Dum-Dums are made. We also learned that this factory is the only one in the US that makes candy canes. They have their own brand and also make candy candies for Jelly Belly and Smarties.
 Janell and I noticed a lot of pallets of Oreo candy canes so decided to start our holiday candy collection.
 I'm pretty sure the gift shop was the highlight of this adventure for the children. They all had plenty of Dum-Dums to take home. I also added the holiday edition of Dum-Dums to my collection.

 It was a beautiful day and we took full advantage of it at Lake Harrison State Park. We ended up driving around a good portion of the lake trying to find a spot to swim. Janell and I weren't doing too good on navigation skills at this point!
 The children swam. Janell and I laid on the grass and read. Well, I think Janell read a little bit. I tried, but Isaiah still requires my eyes.
 Finally, we had pizza at the park with Grandma and Mom. This park is one that the children looked forward to playing at again.
Grandma made chocolate chip cookies. These cookies are a big deal because she says she isn't baking cookies any more. So when they appear they taste extra delicious!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Ohio Trip--1

Last year on our trip to Ohio, Janell and I picked up brochures about an island in Lake Erie called Put-In-Bay. It wasn't that far off the turnpike and so we decided that it would be our travel day adventure this year. It turned out to be quite the adventure! 

A 20 minute ferry ride took us from Port Clinton to Put-In-Bay.
 Janell and I made a game plan on the ferry. I thought I was pretty calm considering we did not have a solid plan, just some ideas. My children, on the other hand, thought I needed to chill (as they told me).

 The decision point was that we needed some mode of transportation. We decided to rent golf carts. It really was a great decision.
 We rode to the downtown boardwalk area on the north end of the island where we ate lunch. Put-In-Bay has very expensive food! I only bought 3 chicken meals for us to share and slushie drinks for the children and it was our most expensive meal the whole trip. But this day was all about the experience.
 After lunch we rode our golf carts to the south end of the island where there was a state park with a swimming area.
 It was a beautiful day!
 Not much can beat a pebble beach for me.

The children had so much fun swimming. Isaiah had his goggles on looking for the biggest stones. He picked them up and made a pile.
On the ferry ride back to Port Clinton we had the front seats on the upper deck of the boat. Mom and I had our feet up on the rail and soaked up the sun and relaxed for a few minutes.
Then it was back on the road for our last 90 miles to Grandma's house. We were all so happy to see Grandma! That evening we had dinner with my aunts and uncles and a cousin. I enjoyed seeing everyone. I ended up on the "men end" of the table after the meal and listened to my uncles talk farming. I took note of the moment and then soon moved to the "ladies end." This is an instance where the difference in Janell and my personality makes us a good team. She was happy to take the children to the park to play when they could not sit still a minute longer. I was happy to stay and keep talking without the children acting like hoodlums in the background. It was only 3 children acting like hoodlums. Aliza stayed with me. =)

Friday, August 2, 2019

Joy Dare::July

6526. 24 hours alone with Jeremy
6527. One child still cries when I leave
6528. Once in a lifetime hotel and concert
6529. Breakfast buffet
6530. Grandparents who love our children so well
6531. Hugs and noise
6532. Isaiah thought I was amazing when the fire pit fire started
6533. Listing dresses for sale=walk down memory lane
6534. Breakfast for my birthday
6535. 40 little things
6536. 4th of July parade in the rain
6537. Cleaning spree
6538. Blueberries
6539. Lunch with friends
6540. Josiah just chatting with me
6541. Anna's scavenger hung for the birthday card she made
6542. Talking to Grandad
6543. Teaching Anna the beauty of browsing without buying
6544. Staying up late to finish a book
6545. A couple cooler mornings
6546. Fitting everything in
6547. Summer flexibility
6548. Anna had a one on one gymnastics class
6549. Meeting a couple home educating moms
6550. Wall scrubbing helpers
6551. Pizza lunch
6552. Good discussion
6553. Grandad's garden
6554. Another enjoyable beach day
6555. Pink anniversary roses
6556. My mother in law
6557. Making new friends
6558. Josiah had a great attitude
6559. Anna declared it a picture worthy sunset (She took the picture.)
6560. Starbucks brunch to celebrate 18 years
6561. Pizza and praise
6562. Josiah was not nervous at all
6563. Dropping off 6 children at Bible School
6564. Biscotti with Isaiah
6565. Brownie sundaes and the Great British Baking Show
6566. Mornings this week with Isaiah
6567. Renee's sweet birthday gift for me
6568. Summer days make easy bedtimes
6569. Morning sunlight shining through a perfect spider web
6570. Tea with Grandma
6571. Making a plan for the dining room
6572. Dance recital DVD
6573. My Mom makes progress happen
6574. Hanging out at the library while Aliza volunteers
6575. Nobody wants Bible School to end
6576. Air conditioning
6577. Showing up even when it's uncomfortable
6578. All those Chuck E. Cheese tickets
6579. Poinsettia planted outside is loving the heat
6580. Time with my sisters and Mom
6581. Blueberry ice cream
6582. The children had so much to tell me about their day
6583. A breeze felt good on the beach
6584. Grocery shopping with Anna
6585. Walking in a light rain because it was cooler this morning
6586. Picking flowers
6587. Temperatures that pull the children outside after a very hot week
6588. Isaiah and Lydia played for hours together
6589. Phone call
6590. Acknowledging disappointment
6591. No kids in my bed for a whole night
6592. Leading Aliza's class
6593. Josiah only needs invisalign
6594. Therapeutic plant night
6595. Summer colors
6596. Introducing Aliza to Dutch Blitz
6597. Aliza's first youth group experience went well
6598. Spending the morning with Aliza
6599. Fire pit and Dutch Blitz
6600. Sleeping in
6601. Pretty Cove morning
6602. Big sisters
6603. Positive steps
6604. Aliza's peacemaking skills
6605. All the new books
6606. Time with Anna
6607. Good listeners at the library program
6608. A little time with Jeremy this evening
6609. Women that are role models 
6610. Looking forward to another adventure
6611. Celebrating my Mom
6612. Home all day
6613. Time alone this evening
6614. Having my friend back

Some Highlights

Mega Sports Camp has been a summer highlight for the last (whole bunch) of years. This is Isaiah's first year and Aliza has aged out so she has been Isaiah's buddy and is unofficially helping in the 4 & 5 year old class. Josiah is doing soccer as usual and is having a great time. Anna was set to do cheerleading, but didn't feel comfortable with the coach on the first night so she has been hanging out with me and enjoying the music and Bible story times.
 Last week Grandma taught the children how to play Dutch Blitz. If this card game was a computer game you would say the children are addicted! They have played every day and for hours several times. It makes me happy that they let Isaiah play his own way with them without fussing with him.
 This delivery of school brought me mixed emotions. It's always fun to get new books, but I'm not ready. I'm reading The American Republic and Earth Science textbooks trying to keep ahead of Aliza.
Isaiah was SO excited to get his books. He immediately did his first lesson.He did great listening and following directions; however, he has not asked to do another lesson. lol.
We have some really fun things to do here in August before we settle down for the real school schedule.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Surprise of the Summer

These pictures are terrible, but you'll get the idea! My biggest surprise of the summer is that the children decided that they like the ocean.
If he isn't playing in the surf, Isaiah likes to go out "deep" with Aliza or Aunt Meghan. He will put the puddle jumper on, but only where he thinks no one can see him. It's so funny! I think he must be embarrassed about having to wear it, but he knows that it gives him more freedom.
Aliza and Anna are together a lot in the water. Josiah runs around with Gideon boogie boarding or sitting up on the sand with a group of boys.

I don't think I'll ever consider myself a great beach mom. It is definitely easier to be an enjoyable mom when the children are having fun!