Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Josiah--3 Months

Josiah is 3 months old today. He smiles and carries on quite a conversation. I think he is going to have a good sense of humor. He gets a little sparkle in his eye when he grabs my hair or when he blinks his eyes fast at Jeremy.

He can hold onto a rattle, but he still doesn't hold onto a pacifier. He prefers his fist.

He's a pretty cool kid! I'm crazy about him. I think I have an inkling now about how Daddy's feel especially about their little girls. I catch myself thinking...(***read with some sarcasm***)"he's not going to choose another girl over me! is he?" Why, of course he is! But she better be a good one!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Birdie Namecards

I love it when an idea turns out the way I envisioned it. These are going to be the name cards at Janell's bridal shower. We are going to be serving tea so each person's name will be at their place setting.

The invitation to the shower has a little bird on it so I found a chipboard birdie that would be fairly easy to trace and cut out. Then I couldn't figure out what to do with the little birdies. For a couple days, I kept looking at these little sticks in front of our house and thought it would be great if my little birdies could sit on little branches. I finally gave in and tried it and, sure enough, they can sit happily on little branches!

I couldn't figure out how to make them stand so they will have to lean against the tea cup or lay on the plate.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Something New to Dream About

Don't fall out of your chair....I'm finally writing a post about something other than my children. But before I do, I have to say one thing about Josiah...for the past 3 nights he has slept through our entire night (8pm-7am)!!! Hooray!

Since last fall Jeremy and I have been working with a lady to design a large addition to our house. She did a really good job taking our sketchy ideas and putting something on paper. Well last week we ran into the people that we bought our house from and started telling them about our plans. Turns out that they had talked about doing an addition at one time and still had their design. Long story short we got together with them and Rob took the basis of what we had drawn and drew us some amazing floor plans. He knows all the wierd, quirky things about this house and has corrected some of them. The cool thing is that they love this house and they think we are a really neat family and they are thrilled that we want to stay on this property for a really long time. (I think it is probably a security threat to put the floor plan of my house for anyone to see so if you really want to see it let me know.)

The motivation for this is that Jeremy really needs a dedicated office space. He ends up working at Starbuck's because for some reason he can concentrate better there than at home. And I'd love some living room space free of technology and I've been cool with my kitchen for 7 years but it would be awesome to have a new kitchen. And we'll have enough bedrooms for an army including a dedicated guest room.

Now the down side is that we have to fund this project. We've been spoiled with our tiny little mortgage. However, it's a lot cheaper to do what we are doing than to buy a new property. The other down side is that I really stink at decorating. You'd think that since I can put together scrapbook pages that I could put coordinate paint, flooring and furniture. But apparently I'm challenged in that area. And on top of that Jeremy has his own ideas about design. So tonight we spent some time at Barnes and Noble looking at kitchen design. We'll have some very interesting discussions, I'm sure.

The best thing is to have something that we are both really excited about that we lay awake at night talking about.

Be prepared! You'll be hearing more about this in the weeks to come. =)

Monday, May 12, 2008

This is what I Get...

....for rocking Josiah and talking to Jeremy on the phone. Aliza climbed up on the kitchen counter and unloaded the catch all tray above the microwave. She was probably looking for Jeremy's ipod touch that he has taught her how to use. She likes to look at pictures on it.

And just a random picture of Josiah from today.

I had such an amazing day today. Nothing special happened. In fact Josiah cried himself to sleep for every one of his three naps. But he took 3 naps and had a happy evening. I had enough energy, felt peaceful, did 5 loads of laundry and had them all folded when Jeremy got home and both children were in bed by 8:00.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Feeling Better

I am finally starting to feel better. I took an hour and a half nap today (happy mother's day to me....Jeremy kept Josiah quiet so I could sleep) and I actually felt like I had slept when I woke up. I don't feel jittery any more either. And I'm ready to start thinking about things like my sister's wedding shower that I'm hosting with my sisters and sister-in-law. Life is looking much brighter than it did a few days ago. I'm sure thankful for that.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hallelujah! It's High!

I haven't lost it. Two children have not pushed me over the edge. I'm not depressed. My thyroid levels are just high.

What a relief. A couple weeks ago I caught myself thinking that I had way too much energy for keeping up with a toddler and a newborn. The extra energy was nice for about a week or so. Then I started being able to sleep only 3 or 4 hours a night. Which led to exhaustion and some pretty mean outbursts at Jeremy. Then last week I started waking up feeling super nervous and jittery which led to my heart pounding and feeling sick. And I've been crying a lot too. All of that can easily be contributed to hyperthyroid.

So I had my post pregnancy follow up last week and I decided I was going to tell the Dr. what was going on. She did what I figured she would....wrote a prescription for an antidepressant calling it "baby blues." I took the samples "just in case" and promptly asked for an order for labwork for my thyroid.

I took one dose of the antidepressant---that was a mistake. I felt SO sick! And then I just waited for the lab results. All week I've been pretty sure I was right about my thyroid, but just had the nagging doubt in head of "what if it's something else." But I was right again and I should feel some better in a week and back to normal in 2 weeks.

I'm super thankful for my family. My Mom and Dad have helped me a lot with the children. And Jeremy has put up with a lot too. He had to attend 2 Dr. appointments because I couldn't get myself together to do it alone. He still loves me too! Amazing!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Once in Awhile It All Pays Off

Background info: While Jeremy and I took Josiah to the Doctor for his 2 month well check, my Dad took Aliza to the pet store, his office, and the playground at the mall.

In the bathtub tonight I heard Aliza say "Jesus, Mommy, Daddy, animals, puppy, kitty, birds, goldfish, parrot. Amen. Mommy, I pray." Made my heart swell to 10 times it's normal size. I think she had a good time this morning.

As a sidenote, I'm waiting for results of getting my thyroid levels tested last week. Let's just say that if the results come back normal there is something really wrong with me. My levels should be high since I've lost 30+ pounds in the last nine weeks.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Josiah--2 months

Two months old already! Josiah likes to imitate what we do....if we smile, he smiles. If we stick out our tongue, he sticks out his. And he "talks" more too. Such fun.