Thursday, March 27, 2014

Coming October 2014

Yes, Baby Heslop #4 is growing and on it's way into the world and our family. We got our first glimpse today and baby was kicking around and we could see 2 hands and 2 feet and the little heart beating away. We also got to hear the heartbeat.

So once we get that first glimpse it is time to make our announcement to the world of our virtual friends. At the supper table we kicked around some ideas and this is what we ended up with. Each of the children colored their number. They worked really hard, even Josiah took his time and did his very best. (Uncle Joel, he noted that blue and orange are your favorite colors too and what just about came out of his mouth was that that made you brothers...but he changed it to best friends. Awww.) Personally, those numbers make my heart melt. I LOVE that they each colored them.
Jeremy took them outside and took a whole bunch of pictures. This out take cracks me up. Josiah's eyes.
There's more to this story that, when I'm feeling introspective and less tired, I will write! For now, suffice to say, I am just so happy to have seen a healthy baby.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aliza Star (a newspaper)

Aliza's family headlines from Sunday evening.
Popular show these days.
Who broke this game!? (Anna found interest in breaking a Guess Who board.)
Mommy is so interested.
Daddy, don't pretend to like it!
So interested in the ipad that I don't get a turn.
Only thing you do these days...
So dark I can barely see!
I have my own computer!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Just Words

School--Aliza has become self motivated to complete schoolwork every day, in fact, every morning. It makes me so happy I can't hardly stand it! There's no complaining or whining. She motivated because she sees summer coming. Handwriting only had 120 lessons for the year and she finished that a couple weeks ago. Tomorrow she finishes History and then next week she will finish Science. After she finishes History and Science she will get to do 2 extra reading units, called Book Links, that she really enjoys.

End of Life Issues--This seems to be on my mind a lot in recent months. I'm sure it is directly related to the amount of time I spend on the phone with my sister-in-law whose mother is battling a brain tumor at the age of 64. I have 3 living grandparents in their 80s who are quite healthy, it just doesn't seem right for Meghan to be losing her Mom. Lord knows, there is NO WAY that I'm even the slightest bit ready to live without my parents. I'm honored to walk with Meghan. I'm growing up again. Feeling my age.

Supper tonight--I made a fish recipe tonight from Kraft Food & Family magazine. It's talapia baked in the oven with Tuscan Italian Dressing. I also roasted red potatoes and green beans with it. It was so yummy. The more important point here is that Aliza loved the fish! There's hope! I so struggle with her to make healthy eating choices, but today was a good day.

Faith Filled Women Conference--I attended this conference locally on Saturday. I hadn't been before and didn't exactly know what to expect, but it was a good day. I wish I had looked up the speaker's bio before I went. Maybe then I wouldn't have felt like sobbing through the whole first keynote session. We were able to choose 2 seminars to attend. They served a lovely lunch. It was just a nice day...except for the wanting to cry my eyes out part.

Fear--So if you watched the speaker's bio that I linked to, you'll be able to track with me here. I've laid awake the past several nights thinking about her story. About how I'm raising my children to live a certain way, a moral way, to make responsible choices etc etc. WHAT IF THEY DON'T? I could paralyze myself in fear of the future. I have to make a conscience choice to live in today and to just do the very best that I can do to raise my children to have the ability to make sound choices. Today. Just today.

Husband--It seems like Jeremy has been working a lot. He's out the door early and more often than not, he comes home after we have started eating. (This usually means the children are finished and I'm still eating.) I'm not complaining. He's working hard to provide for our financial needs. What I'm getting to is that even though he works a lot he has been really helping me out on the weekends. Doing some dishes, making breakfast, kid chore stuff, letting me get out alone. These things go a long long way in letting me feel refreshed on Monday mornings and I'm so so grateful for his support.

Scrapbooking--I want to.

I think that's all that is on my mind for now!

Friday, March 21, 2014


It's officially spring! At least for 3 days temperatures have obliged us with a bit of spring. (We won't talk about the forecast for next week.) The children and I took advantage of Rita's First Day of Spring ice giveaway. That was a fun outing. The wind was a bit chilly, but everyone did great standing in the long line.

I'm ignoring the fact that wet sand and mud are constantly being drug in the house. I'm just happy that the outdoors is calling the kiddos names. It is so much easier to get some basic housework done when they are all outside! Today I even scrubbed the stairs....a job that has desperately needed to be done for a very long time. Even getting one of those long forgotten jobs done makes me feel good, although there are about a million more that are staring at me every day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mid March Snow

Monday was March 17 and we woke up to 6 inches of snow and it continued to flurry all day. It was those big, wet flakes that pile up really fast. It was really pretty, for a January day. But considering it was the middle of March and St. Patrick's Day I was having a hard time finding the beauty in it. I want green grass, warm sun, and lots of comfortable hours outside!

A day or two later when it had warmed up quite a big Josiah and Aliza made snowmen. Josiah's is a police snowman.
Yes, Aliza has a dress on. I kept asking her if her legs were cold and she said no. I'm convinced her legs were numb, but she adamantly disagreed.
The snow has all melted now and it's raining. I will so appreciate the green grass when it comes and until then if the children want to play outside...I'll endure the mud.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

An Abbreviated Version of the Week

I think it has taken me all week to catch up from birthday weekend. Of course it hasn't help that this week ended up to be busier than usual.

Monday we visited my Gramma to watch more digging at my parents house. My parents are putting in a new septic system. We ended up spending most of the day there which just means I did a whole bunch of housework in the evening!

Tuesday evening I needed to go grocery shopping.

Wednesday evening Jeremy and staff had a late meeting so I invited the wife of one of his employees to come over for dinner and then the guys came after the meeting and ate. We had a very nice evening together. I made this chicken recipe.

Thursday night Jeff and Janell kept our children so that we could have dinner and spend the evening with Matt and Chrissy. I hadn't seen Chrissy since before Christmas!! We had a great time. The children had a great time. They weren't ready to come home when we arrived to pick them up....of course, they were in the middle of watching Frozen. While we were getting ready to leave,Josiah started "skating" really fast on Janell's hardwood and he managed to fall hard on his mouth. It was bleeding and we left with a screaming kid. The next day during co-op he came to me clearly distressed. He realized that a top front tooth was loose--due to the fall.

Finally, on Friday evening I made a trip to Ocean City to deliver a computer to a friend from out of town. It was nice to see her and it worked out that we had a few minutes to visit. Plus I got Chick Fil A out of the deal and that made it all worth it! And I talked on the phone all the way there and all the way home and I was very happy by the time I got home.

I can't remember a week when we were all home together only one evening during the week. It was all good, fun stuff. I'm just ready to hunker down again for a bit. Maybe actually got the floors mopped instead of just getting all the toys picked up! There's snow in the forecast for tomorrow night so maybe it will happen. I'm not really all that happy about snow in the middle of March. We've had a couple gorgeous spring-like days and they make me just long for more!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday Weekend

My job for this weekend was to make three separate birthday people feel special! Sunday was Jeremy's birthday. Our Moms were lamenting how old they are feeling now that we are officially in our mid-30's. I had a rough idea of a steak dinner for Sunday dinner and Jeremy's Mom made it really come together and taste yummy. It was a great meal and I hoped that I wouldn't get hungry for the rest of the day, but I did! Jeremy loves Rice Krispie treats so I made Snickers Rice Krispie Treats and they were really good. I think Jeremy had a good would have been better if he could have gotten in a round of golf!

Saturday was Aliza and Josiah's birthday party. This year it was just our families and I *tried* to keep in really simple. I don't seem to succeed in that area. There was some good cousin play time. These 3 boys are just too much fun when they are together. They needed a chain for trapping alligators and I found a huge pile of sticks on my front porch after they left...I'm assuming it was for a fire of some kind.
And, oh my, these 2 sisters. I love them.

I thought it would have been fun to do a minecraft party, but the demand was for a Lego theme. So it was a Friends Lego cake for Aliza...
...and a Batman Lego cake for Josiah. It's good to note here and there that my kiddos are growing up. Lydia took several handfuls out of Aliza's cake before Aliza blew her candles. When Aliza found out, she said she felt like crying, but she didn't. No tears, no scene. She must be 8.
The set that Aliza's been hoping for. Heartlake City Pool.
Grandpa and Grandma worked long and hard to make a Lego tray for Josiah. It has already been put to good use when he's building, especially since he like to build on the couch. And when it's flipped over, it makes a great desk!
So a super busy weekend. I was definitely feeling it this morning. I could have used one more weekend day. It was a good weekend though. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Joy Dare::February

1160. Quite a bit of alone car time with Jeremy
1161. A friend's wedding
1162. Visiting with some friends from college
1163. Well behaved children in church
1164. Super Bowl food
1165. A safe trip home in less than ideal driving conditions
1166. My mother in law sent me home with enough food for the evening meal
1167. Conviction
1168. Valentine mailboxes put into immediate use
1169. Nothing better than watching siblings express love to each other
1170. Back to Bible study and it feels good to be back in the routine
1171. Heard: "This is yummy, Mom. Thanks!"
1172. Spending some time with the little boy I babysit a couple year ago (and his Mommy!)
1173. Looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics
1174. Jeremy able to come home when I felt so sick
1175. Anna loved being included in math co-op class
1176. Figure skating and speed skating shows after watching Olympics
1177. Homemade doughnuts
1178. The children got some fresh air playing outside
1179. Making an unpopular decision
1180. Groceries
1181. Humble gratefulness
1182. Much happier children today
1183. Maintained composure through a difficult day
1184. Bedtime songs
1185. Visiting with other moms who home school
1186. Josiah fell asleep on my lap
1187. Aliza. I love her. I know we were made for each other.
1188. CBS Leadership Council
1189. Teaching Aliza's CBS class
1190. Encouragement from the wife of a business owner
1191. Making Valentines
1192. Blowing off school for a day
1193. Aliza got to spend some time with friends
1194. Helping Gramma
1195. Heart themed supper
1196. Aliza and Josiah put a few things on the giveaway pile
1197. Feels good to feel a little caught up on housework
1198. I got grace. (Aliza entered this gift all on her own after her Father considerably lessened her consequence.)
1199. Putting together Sarah's bridal shower gift
1200. Slow weekend
1201. Daddy time--teaching them a new game
1202. A miracle--truly.
1203. Disbelief dissolving into joy
1204. A YES when I had accepted a NO
1205. New book for Bible Study
1206. Some time outside this afternoon
1207. More sun today
1208. A little time to snuggle with my sick big girl
1209. Sharing our joy with family
1210. Kindergarten progress
1211. Mud on a warm enough day to play outside
1212. My heart filled with love
1213. Supper at my sister's house
1214. Skype
1215. Aliza playing all day with her second cousin
1216. Visiting while working on projects
1217. Finished 2013 family scrapbook
1218. Nap
1219. Mom's meal that reminded me of dinner growing up. It tasted just like home.
1220. The children handled disappointment very well.
1221. Good thyroid levels
1222. Listening to Aliza read
1223. Catching snowflakes
1224. Visiting Laura and John
1225. The confirmation
1226. Watching big equipment work
1227. Spontaneous supper with my grandparents
1228. The sun's appearance for a few minutes here and there
1229. Playing in the backhoe
1230. Taking advantage of every life opportunity
1231. Keeping up with activities even when I don't feel like it
1232. Celebrating Josiah
1233. Working together and then playing together
1234. Girl lunch in the living room while watching Olympics

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Aliza's Day

Aliza had a really great birthday. She and I continued our tradition of eating at Panera. This year it is the day before her birthday. After eating, we visited Barnes and Noble. Aliza wanted to read Frozen and we looked around.
While we were looking around I got a call from Jeremy saying that Josiah and Anna were tussling over a blanket and Josiah managed to knock out his bottom front tooth. Josiah says it was his own fist or knee that did it. It wasn't at all loose, but, thankfully, it came out cleanly. All's well that end's well. He will have a hole for a while!

On our way home we enjoyed Tutti Frutti for dessert. Of course half the fun is taking home yogurt for the rest of the family!

It was a snowy birthday morning! In fact, it snowed all day. After opening her presents, she went to work with Daddy for the morning. (This was partially necessary for me to have the chance to get Josiah's school work done!) She had a great time hanging out with her Daddy and having lunch with him.
Aliza spent all afternoon working on her Cinderella Lego Castle. That is one neat castle! We had potato soup by request and I made Bacon-Cheddar Cauliflower Chowder for Jeremy and I. Cake for dessert. And the we wanted the movie Frozen after supper.
Frozen was really great! I'm glad I read the story first since I tend to get interrupted a lot during TV time. Aliza thought parts were just hilarious. After the movie, Jeremy took the children up for bed while I folded the last load of laundry. A few minutes later he was back down holding Anna. Anna managed to fall (no tussling or fighting involved) and hit the back of her head on my bedside stand. She had a cut on her scalp and it was bleeding--with a capital B! There was blood down her shirt, all over her hair and we went through 2 clothes. I knew head wounds bleed a lot, but I'd never witnessed one and we couldn't really see the cut through all the blood so we decided to call an ambulance so that somebody could look at it and tell us if it needed stitches. It was after 9 and the roads were icy so there was no way I could get my Mom to look at it. The ambulance came, Aliza and Josiah were terrified, and the result was that Anna would be just fine--no medical attention required. Now we know! Aliza was so sad that her birthday had to end in tears! I spent a decent amount of time reassuring her and Josiah that Anna would be fine, that Anna was no where near death and that Mommy would not be going to the hospital with her. I was a little afraid that Anna would have trouble sleeping, but she slept right through the night and woke up happy this morning. She didn't complain all day about it. All's well that end's well. And I'm happy to say that tonight everyone made it to bed without a mishap!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Aliza!
On the eve of her birthday, Aliza told me that when I prayed with her that night to thank God for a happy 7 year old year and to ask God for a happy 8 year old year. Be still my heart.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Josiah's Day

I'll speak for Josiah and say that he had a pretty great birthday. He spent the morning at work with his Daddy. He put together a lego set that Aliza gave him and then played on the ipad. I think the prospect of playing on the ipad all morning is what made me want to go to work with Daddy! Jeremy said Josiah did great and got a lot of compliments.

After lunch at Panera, Jeremy brought him home and Josiah got right on work on The Mine lego set that we gave him. He sat right there between the cushions and worked without a break from 1:30 until supper at 6:00 and then Jeremy helped him finish after supper. Aliza worked with him for a while. He essentially built the whole set by himself.
And then Josiah and Aliza played and played. It really is a neat set.
After they had been playing for a little while I asked Josiah what he thought of this Lego set. He said, "I love it! It's even cooler than I thought it would be." Every penny spent worth it.
That smile says it all! He was one happy boy!