Thursday, March 6, 2014

Joy Dare::February

1160. Quite a bit of alone car time with Jeremy
1161. A friend's wedding
1162. Visiting with some friends from college
1163. Well behaved children in church
1164. Super Bowl food
1165. A safe trip home in less than ideal driving conditions
1166. My mother in law sent me home with enough food for the evening meal
1167. Conviction
1168. Valentine mailboxes put into immediate use
1169. Nothing better than watching siblings express love to each other
1170. Back to Bible study and it feels good to be back in the routine
1171. Heard: "This is yummy, Mom. Thanks!"
1172. Spending some time with the little boy I babysit a couple year ago (and his Mommy!)
1173. Looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics
1174. Jeremy able to come home when I felt so sick
1175. Anna loved being included in math co-op class
1176. Figure skating and speed skating shows after watching Olympics
1177. Homemade doughnuts
1178. The children got some fresh air playing outside
1179. Making an unpopular decision
1180. Groceries
1181. Humble gratefulness
1182. Much happier children today
1183. Maintained composure through a difficult day
1184. Bedtime songs
1185. Visiting with other moms who home school
1186. Josiah fell asleep on my lap
1187. Aliza. I love her. I know we were made for each other.
1188. CBS Leadership Council
1189. Teaching Aliza's CBS class
1190. Encouragement from the wife of a business owner
1191. Making Valentines
1192. Blowing off school for a day
1193. Aliza got to spend some time with friends
1194. Helping Gramma
1195. Heart themed supper
1196. Aliza and Josiah put a few things on the giveaway pile
1197. Feels good to feel a little caught up on housework
1198. I got grace. (Aliza entered this gift all on her own after her Father considerably lessened her consequence.)
1199. Putting together Sarah's bridal shower gift
1200. Slow weekend
1201. Daddy time--teaching them a new game
1202. A miracle--truly.
1203. Disbelief dissolving into joy
1204. A YES when I had accepted a NO
1205. New book for Bible Study
1206. Some time outside this afternoon
1207. More sun today
1208. A little time to snuggle with my sick big girl
1209. Sharing our joy with family
1210. Kindergarten progress
1211. Mud on a warm enough day to play outside
1212. My heart filled with love
1213. Supper at my sister's house
1214. Skype
1215. Aliza playing all day with her second cousin
1216. Visiting while working on projects
1217. Finished 2013 family scrapbook
1218. Nap
1219. Mom's meal that reminded me of dinner growing up. It tasted just like home.
1220. The children handled disappointment very well.
1221. Good thyroid levels
1222. Listening to Aliza read
1223. Catching snowflakes
1224. Visiting Laura and John
1225. The confirmation
1226. Watching big equipment work
1227. Spontaneous supper with my grandparents
1228. The sun's appearance for a few minutes here and there
1229. Playing in the backhoe
1230. Taking advantage of every life opportunity
1231. Keeping up with activities even when I don't feel like it
1232. Celebrating Josiah
1233. Working together and then playing together
1234. Girl lunch in the living room while watching Olympics

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