Saturday, March 1, 2014

Josiah's Day

I'll speak for Josiah and say that he had a pretty great birthday. He spent the morning at work with his Daddy. He put together a lego set that Aliza gave him and then played on the ipad. I think the prospect of playing on the ipad all morning is what made me want to go to work with Daddy! Jeremy said Josiah did great and got a lot of compliments.

After lunch at Panera, Jeremy brought him home and Josiah got right on work on The Mine lego set that we gave him. He sat right there between the cushions and worked without a break from 1:30 until supper at 6:00 and then Jeremy helped him finish after supper. Aliza worked with him for a while. He essentially built the whole set by himself.
And then Josiah and Aliza played and played. It really is a neat set.
After they had been playing for a little while I asked Josiah what he thought of this Lego set. He said, "I love it! It's even cooler than I thought it would be." Every penny spent worth it.
That smile says it all! He was one happy boy!

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