Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center

In the process of reading a book about Harriet Tubman aloud to the children, I learned that she was from Cambridge, MD which is only an hour drive from our house. So much history is tucked away in this super rural town. This little field trip has been on my list for the last year and I finally made it happen. I didn't really make a well researched plan. We went to a museum in downtown Cambridge, but it was closed on Wednesdays and I knew I wanted to find this mural. I asked a local business owner and she pointed us to the wall behind her store.
The mural was finished just the week before we visited. I had seen a viral picture of it almost finished with a little girl putting her hand on Harriet Tubman's hand. I knew I wanted to find it. It's an amazing, beautiful piece of art.
The business owner also directed us to the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center. It's 9 miles off the highway and you feel like you are in the middle of the nowhere, but it's so worth the drive. I expected something small and outdated, I guess. This presentation far exceeded my expectations.
The displays were multi media, engaging, poignant and sobering. There was no way that I could take in all the information, but even reading at children speed I was impacted.

There were a couple school field trips so we had an early lunch in the very nice picnic pavilion to beat the rush. Actually we were a school field trip too, but no one really knew that! Grandma and Renee were with us and that always makes the adventure extra fun! We walked around the grounds a bit and then headed over to Blackwater Nature Refuge.
We started on a hiking trail and soon realized we were going to be either eaten alive or carried off by mosquitoes so we turned around and did the driving trail. That was a much better decision.
We saw lots of turtles, a snake, and an osprey feeding her babies.
The day ended with Cook Out milkshakes which made my children very happy and maybe we convinced Renee that Cook Out milkshakes are ok. =)

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Garden Touring

We started with a family letterboxing adventure so that Grandma could sleep after working Friday night. These little falls were a fun find. Lunch was at Popeyes which a couple children thought was the end of the world, but by the end of lunch Isaiah declared the fries the best ever and he could eat them every day.
It was a perfect afternoon and evening to be outside. I sat outside and read for quite a while and we had a bonfire in the evening.

Sunday and ready for the Garden Tour! It was HOT! I'm sure this was our hottest walk. I preferred the heat over rain. There was a breeze that reminded me it was still spring.
This time we had tea first. Chrissy brought a friend and it was nice to get to know her a bit over tea before walking. Anna chose the November teacup since her birthday is in November. All of the food was served on plates for the table. We got to try everything and ate a lot more with this style of service. I think we all liked it!
Anna wanted to take umbrellas. Both previous years that she has been with us it has rained so umbrellas and garden tour go together in her mind. She and Aliza were glad to have the umbrellas for shade.
Peonies were blooming!

Anna was so so hot she didn't think she could make it to the end. When we crossed the Town Run I told her to take her shoes off and put her feet in the water. Aliza joined her too. That revived them for a bit!
We were ready for some ice cream after the tour! I don't think Dairy Queen has ever tasted quite so good!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

For the Love of Dance

Dance recital always catches me off guard with how much emotion and energy is wrapped up in this weekend and performance. This was was no different and even heightened because Aliza's class danced the opening dance to Daughters by Sleeping at Last with their Dads and it was a top secret surprise.

The Dads were on stage and walked through the dance a couple times before the show and their teacher had one of the Dads pray before the recital started. She took this picture and sent it to all the Moms later.

It was beautiful...
...and special...
...and a tear jerker.

Literally the next number was Anna's tap dance.
She was awesome and right on beat.
She loved this dance. Tappin' in the USA.
A few numbers later Anna did her ballet dance.
She's not as crazy about ballet, but this dance was super fun because one of the teenagers joined them as Statue of Liberty. She wore her Pointe ballet shoes and Anna loved that!
After intermission there was a series of songs from the Annie movie. Aliza's class did Hard Knock Life.
Aliza was amazing. She played the part of the mad orphan perfectly.

Thankfully all the attitude was for the stage and not how she acts at home! She really was great!

Aliza got a medal for 6 years of dance.
Grandma and Grandpa go to attend recital with us this year. They usually come for dress rehearsal and have to leave before recital. This year recital was on Saturday so they could come to the performance.

Meanwhile, Joel came for the weekend to stay with Josiah and Isaiah during recital. These boys ADORE their Uncle Joel. They both had the best afternoon and it's quite possible, from the stories I heard, that Joel had a pretty amazing afternoon too.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Joy Dare::April

6283. "I love you more than you love me" -Isaiah
6284. Teaching my children they can choose their attitude
6285. Jeremy can make my videos looks good
6286. Grace to be awake with children during the night
6287. The early bedtime after a rough night
6288. Daffodil bouquets
6289. Peter Pan ballet
6290. Sleeping all night
6291. Full room at Bible study
6292. Doing schoolwork outside
6293. Aliza working so hard in school
6294. Friday night relaxing
6295. Singing choir songs after choir
6296. Josiah working with Jeremy
6297. Weeding and planting
6298. Aliza having Chipotle with Daddy
6299. "Giving activates abundance" (can't remember which podcast I heard that on)
6300. Reading on the deck
6301. Sabbath white space
6302. Picnic at the Cove
6303. Thunderstorm
6304. Aliza's picture of the sunset
6305. Playing outside until dark
6306. Brilliant morning sun
6307. Isaiah showing me a picture he took saying "I took a picture of something you like."
6308. A really good evening with some of my favorite ladies
6309. Jeremy laughing--really laughing
6310. Making a heart bridge to Aliza
6311. Full room (again) for Bible study
6312. Talking BJU with another Mom
6313. Cooperative, respectful children
6314. Enjoying American Idol with Aliza
6315. The driver was there to help us load
6316. Anna so excited
6317. Secret Keeper Girl with Anna, Janell and Renee
6318. Isaiah so excited to hunt Easter eggs
6319. Signs of spring on my walk
6320. Spring/summer clothes in drawers
6321. One child slept through the storm
6322. Making people priority--today that mean a phone call
6323. Watching Anna's ballet dance
6324. Evenings when it is hard to call bedtime because it is light and everyone is still having fun outside
6325. Anna and Isaiah playing imaginary games together
6326. Helping in the girls Wednesday night class
6327. Card in the mail
6328. Home all day
6329. When everything comes together in Bible study
6330. Aliza's perserverance
6331. Bruised but not injured
6332. Getting school done early
6333. Peaceful drive through the strom
6334. Walking the nature trail with Anna and Isaiah
6335. Sneaking in a visit with Christie
6336. Blue sky, green grass, flowering trees
6337. Easter Sunday family picture
6338. Long nap
6339. Easter dinner
6340. Evening outside
6341. Parenting win
6342. Leftovers for supper
6343. Second parenting win of the day
6344. Josiah was so courageous
6345. Aliza asked her questions
6346. Meghan stayed for lunch
6347. Morning conversations and snuggles
6348. Finishing school subjects
6349. Encouraging early morning text
6350. Jeremy got to watch a movie
6351. Dogwood blooms
6352. All the post dancing excitement
6353. Some cleaning up I've wanted to do
6354. The yard trimmed and cut
6355. Ice cream on the deck with Anna
6356. Recycled allll those plastic bags
6357. Children drinking water
6358. Hoping and dreaming
6359. Isaiah wanted a tea party with Grandma
6360. Porch hammock
6361. Aliza had the dental assistant she really wanted
6362. Finishing dance classes
6363. The last Taco Tuesday for a while