Saturday, May 11, 2019

For the Love of Dance

Dance recital always catches me off guard with how much emotion and energy is wrapped up in this weekend and performance. This was was no different and even heightened because Aliza's class danced the opening dance to Daughters by Sleeping at Last with their Dads and it was a top secret surprise.

The Dads were on stage and walked through the dance a couple times before the show and their teacher had one of the Dads pray before the recital started. She took this picture and sent it to all the Moms later.

It was beautiful...
...and special...
...and a tear jerker.

Literally the next number was Anna's tap dance.
She was awesome and right on beat.
She loved this dance. Tappin' in the USA.
A few numbers later Anna did her ballet dance.
She's not as crazy about ballet, but this dance was super fun because one of the teenagers joined them as Statue of Liberty. She wore her Pointe ballet shoes and Anna loved that!
After intermission there was a series of songs from the Annie movie. Aliza's class did Hard Knock Life.
Aliza was amazing. She played the part of the mad orphan perfectly.

Thankfully all the attitude was for the stage and not how she acts at home! She really was great!

Aliza got a medal for 6 years of dance.
Grandma and Grandpa go to attend recital with us this year. They usually come for dress rehearsal and have to leave before recital. This year recital was on Saturday so they could come to the performance.

Meanwhile, Joel came for the weekend to stay with Josiah and Isaiah during recital. These boys ADORE their Uncle Joel. They both had the best afternoon and it's quite possible, from the stories I heard, that Joel had a pretty amazing afternoon too.

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