Monday, October 26, 2015

Since I Last Wrote::

The days are good and they keep passing without too much fanfare which means a lack of interesting blog material!! haha.

My sisters and mom took a day trip to Lancaster to watch the musical "Josiah for President." It was a fun story and we were seated on the very front row--to my dismay and some of my sister's delight. The front row was so close to the stage that I could have propped my feet on it. It was interesting though, to be able to notice when one gal removed her fingernail polish--in a hurried haphazard fashion. I also took note of whose shoes were very worn. My personal goal for the day was to get a Pumpkin Cheesecake milkshake from Arby's.
Aliza mowed the yard. Anna and the dogs watched. Mom and I washed windows and scrubbed the bathroom walls for painting.
Isaiah loved his swing time with Grandma. He was completely relaxed.
Isaiah also go to try the slide. It's pretty great to have a big brother.
And Isaiah has become proficient at figuring out where he can get the best food. Potato soup from Grandad....
....goldfish from Great Gramma. That was after getting ice cream from his Great Uncle.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hygiene Kits

After being made aware of the refugee crisis in the world, my church small group decided that we wanted to find something that we could DO for refugees. After looking at various options, we decided to assemble hygiene kits to be distributed my Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). Each hygiene kit consists of a hand towel, toothbrush, nail clipper and a bar of soap. Toothpaste is added by MCC when the kits are shipped since toothpaste has an expiration date. Since Pocomoke River Church is small in number we spread the word and, I believe, that we assembled 33 kits. Last week we assembled the kits so I thought I would just share some pictures.

The little girls were included in this project. I carefully explained what we were doing to Aliza. She understood. Interestingly, in history she learned the difference in definition between immigrants and emigrant. When I explained "refugee" she said, "oh, so you mean they are emigrants." Then I could explain that no, they are not emigrants. A refugee does not have a country to go to. They do not have the legal means to leave the country. A refugee leaves everything behind.  She understood.
MCC ships the hygiene kits in fabric bags. The specifications for bags is on the website so Mom made 25 bags and we finished them with the drawstring cords. (MCC will also supply bags.)
The girls organized all of the products in piles so that they could be easily slipped in to a bag. They had so much fun organizing.

And then we had a snack and hot drinks. I did see the irony in that. We have so so much and all too often we don't even stop to think about how much we have and, even less, do we stop to truly intercede on behalf of those who are risking everything to have the opportunity to see their children grow up.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Picnic and Hike

We loved having Grandma with us today for a picnic and a hike. It was another beautiful day and the trees have just the first hint of color. We ate our lunch on the island that the kids love. Josiah was too busy checking out the water to eat.
The hike turned out to be a bit more than we had anticipated. The stroller was ok for the most part. Mom patiently pushed the stroller while I kept up with the other kids. Isaiah ultimately fell asleep in spite of the bumpy ride.
Aliza was generally annoyed because I had, apparently, chosen the wrong trail. And Anna decided that she was tired--that her feet were going to fall asleep--which led to tears and her being carried at times. What silliness! Mom and I laughed heartily when we drove in the driveway and Anna asked to take a bike ride! We reminded her how tired she was and by that time Mom and I were ready to sit down ourselves.

Finally, we got to the spot that Aliza remembered and her day was redeemed. She may have even uttered that this was the best day ever. I'm sure that was a momentary lapse of memory or something.
Next time maybe I'll just go alone with Josiah. He was a happy hiker.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Celebrating Isaiah

I had to savor this one before I wrote about it. Honestly I wasn't a bit sad on Isaiah's birthday. It's precious to hold a baby, but it is only meant to last for a short time. With growth comes so much more fun and freedom.

I chose a forest animals theme. The naked cake was so easy. I made the cake banner. Dinner was ziti and spaghetti squash alfredo. The dessert table had cake, teddy grahams, trail mix, pretzel sticks and "acorn" donuts. The favors were graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow to make a s'more.
My parents, Gramma and three siblings and their families along with Jeremy's parents were at the party. That was still 13 adults and 9 children! I didn't even think it was "that big" of a party! Obviously everyone knew Isaiah pretty well so every present was something he loved. Every single toy has been well played with already. At the party Isaiah wasn't sure what to do with those bag and tissue paper.
And then he would see WHEELS, but it was in a box!

And then, finally, one fire truck was not in a box and he took off! Mouth open, knees flying!
The big green ball!
The big boys took the job of opening boxes. They did a good job and were super excited to have the chance to use pocket knives.

It had been a while since he had it, but Isaiah still loved Spaghetti Squash Alfredo.

A huge piece of cake for a little guy. He wasn't sure what to do with frosting on his hands. I eventually washed his hands and then he was able to dig in the cake.
He loved it.
I just let him sit there while I served cake and then ate my cake so, of course, the mess just got bigger! It all worked out though. I carried him to the bath tub and got him started and Grandma Karen washed him up and brought him back down shiny clean and smelling good!
The previous four or five days were super rainy and gray. The kids were ready to get outside. So we let him. It was just a misty rain, but they all had so much fun outside. When it got dark apparently there was still excess energy and a huge rough housing wresting match took place. The grandparents gasped. The parents sat back and shrugged.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Joy Dare::September

2741. Butterflies all over Mom's flowers
2742. The second week of school continuing to go smoothly
2743. Listening to a sermon online--You have to get to the place where you understand that God's plan for your life is bigger than whether you like things at this moment
2744. No fingernail polish on the floor
2745. The lab's system for making appointments
2746. Taking on a project
2747. Completed reading through the Bible
2748. Surprise in the mail for Aliza
2749. The cupcake game
2750. The outrageously confident shopper--Anna
2751. Hearts in celery
2752. Getting a bunch of scrapbook layouts done
2753. Anna got to hang out with me all day
2754. The big kids got lots of minecraft playing time
2755. Mom took my turn taking care of children during church
2756. Science experiment
2757. Watched my oldest child take her first solo run on the lawnmower
2758. Planning for the budget--it's hard and good
2759. My sister-in-law made me sit on her comfy couch. Our children played and she made supper.
2760. Seeing people I know and making some new friends the first day of Bible Study
2761. Aliza knowing that I see and feel her sadness
2762. Family play practice (written and directed by Aliza) which included hysterical laughter
2763. Starting to find my focus again
2764. The joy of planning what we can DO to help
2765. How Isaiah claps every time he wants to be picked up
2766. Kids in a tub fill of bubbles showing off their bubble beards
2767. A Mom's house afternoon
2768. The first batch of pumpkin whoopie pies
2769. The first leaves drifting slowing to the ground
2770. An acceptable performed play
2771. Celebrating some special nephews of mine
2772. Invigorating cooler temperature today
2773. Kids playing some kind of crazy charade game in the dark car on the way home
2774. Feeling ready to face a new week
2775. Enjoying my children and all their joy while we walked and explored
2776. Stunningly blue sky
2777. The way back to feeling content
2778. A good day for painting outside and cookies
2779. A yard safe for children to play alone in
2780. How the deck becomes another room of the house when weather is ideal
2781. Isaiah did better in child care at Bible Study this week
2782. A musical and cultural experience
2783. I heard myself say to my children, "Thanks for being so much fun to hang out with."
2784. Relieved--no cavities
2785. An unexpected chance for a last swim
2786. Baby knees black from crawling outside
2787. Frisbee playing
2788. A vacuumed out car with no stickers on the windows
2789. A competent endocrinologist who I have grown to respect over 11 years
2790. The kids thing the car trip is never going to end and then they invent a game
2791. Jeremy had time with his Dad and brother
2792. Good travelers and a smooth trip home
2793. My mother in law. I love her. One reason being that she sends us home with all kinds of food--even some unhealthy stuff that I hid for myself!
2794. A butterfly in the sandbox caught my attention and I stopped
2795. Changing season
2796. Our zoo outing that included Chrissy, letterboxing, picnic, playground and watching a bear cub play
2797. Josiah wanted me to hold him while we talking to me tonight
2798. Encouragement from someone successful
2799. Feeling more connected at Bible Study
2800. Goldfish and applesauce to take away the lightheadedness
2801. My Mom's ability to expertly care for my grandparents
2802. Phone time with Maria
2803. Students with good attitudes today
2804. How Isaiah is just so excited to see Daddy
2805. Isaiah feel asleep on me tonight--his little hand on my chin. I was a big puddle of mama mush
2806. A sister willing to take care of 4 extra children for the evening
2807. Another closet cleaned out
2808. That beautiful thing that is our marriage
2809. Warmer clothes in drawers
2810. Aliza, Josiah and I snuggled together reading our own books
2811. A perfect night for the lunar eclipse. Marveling over the Creation and The Creator with Jeremy
2812. The almost too hot fall days
2813. Hot day=brownie sundae
2814. Laughter
2815. Listening to rain
2816. Studying with my children
2817. Lower gas prices
2818. "Mom, I don't really care for meatloaf, but I'm sure yours is the best." Josiah
2819. I took Aliza to the store with me tonight and upon getting in the car she informed me that she would be talking constantly the whole time. I hope she never stops.
Happy 1st Birthday Isaiah!
It was so much fun celebrating Isaiah's life last night. When he was smiling big, he was moving! There will be plenty of cake pictures to come. =)