Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hygiene Kits

After being made aware of the refugee crisis in the world, my church small group decided that we wanted to find something that we could DO for refugees. After looking at various options, we decided to assemble hygiene kits to be distributed my Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). Each hygiene kit consists of a hand towel, toothbrush, nail clipper and a bar of soap. Toothpaste is added by MCC when the kits are shipped since toothpaste has an expiration date. Since Pocomoke River Church is small in number we spread the word and, I believe, that we assembled 33 kits. Last week we assembled the kits so I thought I would just share some pictures.

The little girls were included in this project. I carefully explained what we were doing to Aliza. She understood. Interestingly, in history she learned the difference in definition between immigrants and emigrant. When I explained "refugee" she said, "oh, so you mean they are emigrants." Then I could explain that no, they are not emigrants. A refugee does not have a country to go to. They do not have the legal means to leave the country. A refugee leaves everything behind.  She understood.
MCC ships the hygiene kits in fabric bags. The specifications for bags is on the website so Mom made 25 bags and we finished them with the drawstring cords. (MCC will also supply bags.)
The girls organized all of the products in piles so that they could be easily slipped in to a bag. They had so much fun organizing.

And then we had a snack and hot drinks. I did see the irony in that. We have so so much and all too often we don't even stop to think about how much we have and, even less, do we stop to truly intercede on behalf of those who are risking everything to have the opportunity to see their children grow up.

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