Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Celebrating Isaiah

I had to savor this one before I wrote about it. Honestly I wasn't a bit sad on Isaiah's birthday. It's precious to hold a baby, but it is only meant to last for a short time. With growth comes so much more fun and freedom.

I chose a forest animals theme. The naked cake was so easy. I made the cake banner. Dinner was ziti and spaghetti squash alfredo. The dessert table had cake, teddy grahams, trail mix, pretzel sticks and "acorn" donuts. The favors were graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow to make a s'more.
My parents, Gramma and three siblings and their families along with Jeremy's parents were at the party. That was still 13 adults and 9 children! I didn't even think it was "that big" of a party! Obviously everyone knew Isaiah pretty well so every present was something he loved. Every single toy has been well played with already. At the party Isaiah wasn't sure what to do with those bag and tissue paper.
And then he would see WHEELS, but it was in a box!

And then, finally, one fire truck was not in a box and he took off! Mouth open, knees flying!
The big green ball!
The big boys took the job of opening boxes. They did a good job and were super excited to have the chance to use pocket knives.

It had been a while since he had it, but Isaiah still loved Spaghetti Squash Alfredo.

A huge piece of cake for a little guy. He wasn't sure what to do with frosting on his hands. I eventually washed his hands and then he was able to dig in the cake.
He loved it.
I just let him sit there while I served cake and then ate my cake so, of course, the mess just got bigger! It all worked out though. I carried him to the bath tub and got him started and Grandma Karen washed him up and brought him back down shiny clean and smelling good!
The previous four or five days were super rainy and gray. The kids were ready to get outside. So we let him. It was just a misty rain, but they all had so much fun outside. When it got dark apparently there was still excess energy and a huge rough housing wresting match took place. The grandparents gasped. The parents sat back and shrugged.

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