Monday, October 26, 2015

Since I Last Wrote::

The days are good and they keep passing without too much fanfare which means a lack of interesting blog material!! haha.

My sisters and mom took a day trip to Lancaster to watch the musical "Josiah for President." It was a fun story and we were seated on the very front row--to my dismay and some of my sister's delight. The front row was so close to the stage that I could have propped my feet on it. It was interesting though, to be able to notice when one gal removed her fingernail polish--in a hurried haphazard fashion. I also took note of whose shoes were very worn. My personal goal for the day was to get a Pumpkin Cheesecake milkshake from Arby's.
Aliza mowed the yard. Anna and the dogs watched. Mom and I washed windows and scrubbed the bathroom walls for painting.
Isaiah loved his swing time with Grandma. He was completely relaxed.
Isaiah also go to try the slide. It's pretty great to have a big brother.
And Isaiah has become proficient at figuring out where he can get the best food. Potato soup from Grandad....
....goldfish from Great Gramma. That was after getting ice cream from his Great Uncle.

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