Monday, October 12, 2015

Picnic and Hike

We loved having Grandma with us today for a picnic and a hike. It was another beautiful day and the trees have just the first hint of color. We ate our lunch on the island that the kids love. Josiah was too busy checking out the water to eat.
The hike turned out to be a bit more than we had anticipated. The stroller was ok for the most part. Mom patiently pushed the stroller while I kept up with the other kids. Isaiah ultimately fell asleep in spite of the bumpy ride.
Aliza was generally annoyed because I had, apparently, chosen the wrong trail. And Anna decided that she was tired--that her feet were going to fall asleep--which led to tears and her being carried at times. What silliness! Mom and I laughed heartily when we drove in the driveway and Anna asked to take a bike ride! We reminded her how tired she was and by that time Mom and I were ready to sit down ourselves.

Finally, we got to the spot that Aliza remembered and her day was redeemed. She may have even uttered that this was the best day ever. I'm sure that was a momentary lapse of memory or something.
Next time maybe I'll just go alone with Josiah. He was a happy hiker.

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