Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Mother-Daughter Date

by Aliza
On May 11th, Mommy and I went to a Secret Keeper Girls Mother Daughter Event. The event was 3 hours away, but I didn't care because that meant 3 hours of chatting with Mom.
Well that's what I thought the day before. Me and mommy were ready to leave, we were just waiting for Daddy. He had to watch the kids. We wanted to leave at 2:00, but he arrived at 2:40. We jumped into Daddy's car. We were tense the whole ride there. We picked up a tuna wrap on the way there and skipped supper. We got there 10 minutes late. The show was created for 7 to 12 year olds so I was one of the oldest there.
The message was that God created you a masterpiece. There was a lot of singing and dancing, but I didn't mind. There was 4 music directors and one main teacher. I really liked the quiet teaching parts and stories. Actually I liked all of it!!
At the end of the show, there was a meet and greet. I got to meet all the girls and they talked to me. It was a lot of fun to meet them. My favorite was Lexi. She is Dannah Gresh's Daughter. Dannah Gresh is the creator of Secret Keeper Girls.
Me with Stacy and Lexi.
And me with Sara and Melanie.
After the show, me and Mommy were starving! We stopped by Sonic on the way home, but I was so sleepy I could barely eat. I left with some great memories and the message that God made me a masterpiece.

By Mommy
We may have been a little stressed in the car, but that didn't keep us from singing to every song on the radio! My little girl is growing up and is a lot of fun to do things with. We talked a lot, sang a lot, and she slept a lot on the way home.

Aliza and I have been doing 8 Great Mother Daughter Dates by the founder of Secret Keeper Girls, Dannah Gresh. The themes of the 3 dates we have done so far fit in perfectly with the event. It was the perfect time in Aliza's life for us to go to this together. For some girls, 8 might be a great age, but, for Aliza, this was the right time. I was very impressed with the message and the quality of the show.

I think Aliza summed it all up well! I'm so proud of Aliza and the young lady she is. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

April Read Aloud

In April the character quality we focused our reading on was love. The War that Saved My Life was more intense emotionally than we were used to, but it turned out to be good. WWII was depicted in a pretty realistic sense that allowed me to have discussions with Aliza and Josiah about realities of war versus the hide and seek/tag shooting games they play on the computer. Discussions that let me know their hearts are sensitive and they understand that war is real people shooting and bombing to kill living human beings.

This week we are finishing school. I'll get back to writing blogs again soon!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

All the Dance Pictures

This was a fun year of dance for both Aliza and Anna. Aliza did lyrical dance in addition to jazz for the first time and this was Anna's first year of dance. She did ballet and tap. Anna was in a class with Renee and Lydia and she also made a new friend.
Aliza's class was part of the Moana showcase in the recital.
It was next to impossible to get good pictures on the stage! But between me, Chrissy and Grandma Karen we got a few!

Aliza and Anna smiled the whole time they were on stage--real smiles--like they were really having fun! I loved both of their presences on stage.
There might be 5 years between these sisters, but they talk and play and learned to share their love of dance.

Aliza received a trophy for completely 5 years of dance. No one could have been prouder of that trophy than her!

I was crying by the end of recital this year. I knew 3 moms who had seniors, my girl got her trophy and I am so thankful for this studio that celebrates every girl's uniqueness.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Joy Dare::April

5308. Easter dinner and egg hunt
5309. Aliza and Grandma playing piano
5310. Everyone tired from a good day
5311. Jeremy doing some things he enjoys
5312. Sneaking in a little scrapbooking
5313. Aliza reading to Anna
5314. When the morning is productive
5315. Kids asleep an hour earlier than usual
5316. Fun trying on clothes
5317. Super quiet evening with my boys
5318. The girls enjoying friends
5319. I still enjoy scrapbooking
5320. Before 11am--groceries bought and 2 wheelbarrow loads of sticks picked up
5321. Saturday with no plans
5322. Friends that live so close
5323. Isaiah snuggles with he is so tired
5324.There's nothing quite like shopping with Anna
5325. Peacefulness
5326. Started a new book with Aliza and Josiah
5327. Josiah's moments of affection
5328. Parents to be proud of
5329. Healthy children and boring well checks
5330. First curriculum call
5331. Pretended it was spring temperatures
5332. Aliza made a yummy cake with Laura
5333. Leading acapella  went better than I thought it would
5334. Good discussions
5335. Compliments on my children
5336. Promoted to once a year endocrinology appointments
5337. Isaiah pedaled his bike
5338. 2 days of taking bike rides/walks
5339. Warmth in the air
5340. New flowerbed taking shape
5341. Josiah decided to try handling the tiller
5342. Isaiah in the tree
5343. Sweet peas planted
5344. Aliza and Anna had a great day
5345. Anna's supper prayer to go to the beach this weekend was unexpectedly answered
5346. Enough supper to have company
5347. Aliza and I sure enjoyed watching Olympics and we finally finished tonight
5348. Jammies and rest
5349. Starting the week with reading out loud
5350. Coughs and colds getting better
5351. Got to see Mom
5352. I'm loved so much no one wants me to leave. (lol)
5353. One "normal" day this week
5354. Seeing some of Dad's cousins
5355. Rose bush cuttings
5356. A day with Janell
5357. Buying a dress on huge clearance
5358. Talking to my Moms
5359. Chrissy knew the closest place to water
5360. Enough energy for the day
5361. Talking to parents about BJU curriculum
5362. Quiet hotel room
5363. Safe trip home
5364. Hugging my children and Jeremy
5365. My own bed and slept all night
5366. Isaiah on my lap all morning
5367. River otters are pretty cool
5368. Good conversation and happily playing children
5369. At home this evening
5370. Home, school, last dance class
5371. Loving that our extracurricular activities are winding down
5372. Being challenged in Bible study
5373. Aliza finished 5 years of dance!
5374. All the surprises in boxes from Chrissy
5375. Feeling recovered from a cold
5376. Concentrating on school
5377. Enjoying warmer weather
5378. I sat down and Isaiah spent most of an hour hanging out on my lap
5379. In laws coming means the whole house gets cleaned at once
5380. When my child falls asleep holding my hand
5381. The girls did great at dress rehearsal
5382. Soil prepared and some plants planted
5383. Isaiah's "three year old-ness"
5384. Joel and Brandi came for the day
5385. So proud of the girls' dances and stage presence
5386. That 5 year trophy
5387. Visiting with Chrissy
5388. Working really hard on school
5389. Early morning grocery shopping

Monday, April 30, 2018

Sister Day

My list of blogs to write is getting long and my days fly by! I got one sentence written this morning and now it is 10pm. That's just how life is right now. Somebody always needs something from me.

Janell and I took a day trip to Lancaster area for the funeral of our Great Uncle. Uncle Allen met more of my friends than any other relative because he and Floss opened their house and let us come for the weekend and explore Lancaster Amish country. Trips to their house always included ice cream and supper at Squire Side. He was special and I knew I wanted to be at his funeral. I cried more than I thought I would. Going to funerals isn't exactly fun, but getting to spend the day with my sister was very fun. I think we made the most of the day!
Uncle Allen loved genealogy and wrote 2 books on the Beiler and Howe families which is probably why Janell and I thought it would be most interesting to visit the farm where our great grandparents lived later in their life. The farm has been in the family since 1904 and a cousin of my Dad's still lives there. She loves showing the farm to descendants of the family and she loves history. She had lots to tell us! On the way we stopped at the grave of our great grandparents.
This is the front of the house.
Mom-mom and Pop-pop lived in an apartment on the left side--just a mud room, kitchen, living room and a bedroom or two upstairs.
We were told that Mom-mom wanted cardinals and so Pop-pop planted this pine tree to attract them.
And he planted 2 rose bushes on either side of the door. Janell and I are equally into flowers and growing things this spring and we looked at each other and asked for some clippings to see if we could start rose bushes from the original bush. Of course they were more than happy to oblige.
The Christiana Mall is always a good stop on the way home from Lancaster. Our initial plan was to check out the full Hearth and Hand line at Target which we did. And then we walked through some stores and ate at the food court. I left with 2 caffeinated beverages--because I needed them!
On our way out of the mall we went back to Gap and tried on some clothes. I found a rack of dresses on clearance and we both liked the same one. It looked really good on both of us and when we saw the price reduction was $79.99 marked down to $14.99 we both bought the dress.

The last stop was Lowe's to get root hormone for our little rose clippings. By then we were definitely tired giddy and looking a little goofy in Lowe's in funeral attire walking out with bags of potting soil.
Dad wondered how it was taking us so long to get home after he got home from the funeral. I said we were just enjoying being sisters.

My roses got planted the next day. They looked good for a week and now the leaves are yellowing. I'm expecting all the leaves to fall off and then time will tell if it will be able to regenerate growth. (I'm not holding my breath!)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Coincidence or God

During prayer before eating supper Anna prayed, "And please let us go to the beach this weekend." It was going to be a beautiful weekend, but the beach was not in my plans. Being the realist Mom that I am, I told Anna that her prayer wish was not going to happen. We went about our business that Friday evening and Saturday morning.

And then I got a text message later on Saturday morning from a friend asking if she could have my girls for the afternoon to go to the beach with her and her girls. How could I not say yes!?

The girls had an amazing afternoon with friends playing at the beach and eating ice cream. They came back to our house and played some more and ate supper. They were exhausted by bedtime!

What's the point in writing this little story? I could have chalked this invitation up to a nice coincidence. Instead, though, I chalked it up to God working out an answer to a little girl's prayer. I told Anna "Look how much God loves you! He answered your prayer with a YES this time." Of course the answer isn't always yes and many times things don't go the way we wish, but this time it did. And I will always choose to give God the credit over coincidence.

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Next Yard Project

I've been dreaming up a flowerbed for this area along the privacy fence and under the window this winter. I was afraid that if we didn't do it this weekend it wouldn't get done. The weather cooperated beautifully and we got half of it ready to go.

Jeremy tilled up the grass and I pulled out as much as I could. And then Jeremy tilled in peat moss and potting soil.
And I got the sweet peas planted! They look so tiny in the ground. I wasn't sure they would survive the wind and rain last night, but they look just fine this morning. Time will tell how they do!
The dahlia tubers I ordered arrived this weekend and I have lots of seeds to plant.