Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Salt Cave

Brandi treated Karen and I to a new experience--salt therapy in the Salt Cave. You can read about the technical stuff on the Touch of Grace Spa and Salt Cave website. I've been explaining it to people so I thought some pictures might be helpful.

In our session there were 7 people. We arrived last and 2 of the people were clearly sleeping or intending to sleep so we got the hint to be quiet! Silence isn't required, it just depends on the group of people in the session. The chairs were zero gravity lounge chairs. There was a blanket on each chair in case you were chilly. The room is kept at 72-74 degrees. I got chilly during the last few minutes.
The floors, walls and ceiling are all salt and dry salt air is blown into the room during the 45 minute session. The lights are low and change color and there is instrumental music playing.
I enjoyed it. I'm not very good at relaxing though! I kept thinking about things I wanted to say!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Night of Lightening

I was sound asleep when the first child came into our room. It felt like 5:30 in the morning so I was very relieved to see that it was only 12:30am. There would still be an opportunity to sleep!

It was the lightening that brought Aliza into our room. It was constant. I have never seen lightening that was so constant. It was only a couple seconds later that Josiah ran over and jumped under our covers. I roused Jeremy telling him that I had never seen lightening like this. He said, "it's probably a car outside" and went over to the window to check. Sure enough--it was lightening. ;) He got back in bed a bit annoyed. After a few cracks of thunder and Anna coming in, he check the weather radar.

I wish we had taken a screenshot of the radar. It was deep purple and red over us and continuing to move over us. There was also a grid outlining the purple area. I got a little more nervous at that point.The thunder wasn't really that bad, but that lightening...!

And then Isaiah woke up screaming. At that point Jeremy left our bed and I had 4 children in the bed with me. Aliza was shaking and her hands were freezing on my right, Josiah was on my left with his head buried in the pillow. Anna was on top of me--pretty much sleeping. Isaiah was tucked between me and Aliza. My right arm was snuggling Isaiah and still touching Aliza.

Meghan texted me at 1am to see how many of my children were awake. She had two that slept through it! I checked on another friend. She was awake with children in her bed too.

The lightening had subsided a lot by 1:30. I put Isaiah back in his bed and Josiah in his bed beside his Daddy. It was 2:30 until Aliza finally settled down and the girls slept in my bed the rest of the night.

The moral of this story is that I NEED a king size bed! 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Just when we had bought a new minivan and thought we were squared away for a while, Jeremy's car started having trouble. He spent two weekends working on the radiator and hoping that it was actually the radiator and not the engine. Thanks to a good friend and you tube tutorials, Jeremy got it fixed.
He had some other "help" too! I know Jeremy was determined not to buy 2 vehicles in 2 months!
In the midst of working on his car, the lawnmower also broke. Thanks to a father in law who knows all things lawnmower, Jeremy spent the 3rd weekend fixing the mower. Now our lawn looks great AND we have two working vehicles!

There is another determined little person in my house. He is almost 3 years old. He thinks he is as old as his siblings and wants to do everything they do. I took the kids to the library to collect their first prize for the summer reading program. Isaiah didn't want a prize from the preschool drawer. He wanted something from the preteen drawer. The worst public temper tantrum that I have endured ensued. He was laid out flat on the floor--screaming. The girls checked out their books on their own and I took Isaiah outside. He continued to scream. I stood beside him calmly watching all the people walking past looking at me like I was crazy. Since then we have averaged at least one temper tantrum a day. Yesterday's tantrum was because he couldn't stay at VBS with the big kids. Kids have to be 5 for this VBS. I kinda felt sad for him--imagine a 2 (almost 3) year old saying "I wanna go VBS." Today's was over just getting dressed. It's going to be a fun stage around here!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Sum of the Week

We joined Janell's family to watch fireworks in Snow Hill. the kids were piled on Jeremy's lap this year! Isaiah was a little uncertain at first, but he enjoyed it by the end.
I enjoyed going to a restaurant for dinner with one of my friends on Monday evening.

Isaiah picked up one lollipop at the parade and was completely satisfied. He stood back and ate his lollipop while the girls filled the buckets.
This car was the highlight. Isaiah said the car had wings and he expected it to fly.
Jeremy and Josiah spent the day with my Dad breaking in a boat. Josiah has referred to it as "our" boat ever since. He is super excited that Grandad has a big enough boat to go shark fishing.

I had my grandparents over for 4th of July supper. It was really nice to just enjoy their company.

We got to swim at our favorite pool on Wednesday. Isaiah is still fearless. He laid right down mad and screaming when I wouldn't him in the deep end.

Then my Mom had us for supper. We had a fun visit with Mom and Dad. And then it was my birthday.

I got a special delivery.
These cute faces wrapped up a special present. And Aliza made special whoopie pies--that we ate so fast I didn't take a picture!
Gramma took us for ice cream on Friday.

It was all topped off with a date with Jeremy Friday night while Meghan fed them all supper! My kids had! Jeremy and I did too!
I'd say it was a pretty great week!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Joy Dare::June

4451. I was so brave watching a snake slither across the yard
4452. Jeremy came home with a free (used) scanner
4453. Garden planted
4454. "To love your life, do nothing with rush or resentment, but do everything as if you love it." Ann Voskamp
4455. The car is vacuumed and clean
4456. Karen made excellent time coming to our house
4457. Making vacation lists and getting excited
4458. The girls and their bedtime giggles
4459. Josiah had a great time fishing in the ocean--with no seasickness
4460. Watching the snapping turtle
4461. All the pre-vacation excitement
4462. A great first day on the road
4463. So much fun in the pool
4464. Restaurant, hotel fun
4465. Kind people to help us
4466. Provision of transportation
4467. Safe arrival and hugging my Grandma
4468. Movie afternoon
4469. Popsicles on Grandma Rhoda's porch
4470. Lots of fun swimming
4471. A great location for gathering
4472. Second cousins playing together
4473. Jeremy arrived!
4474. Got Mom help and no wait
4475. Making decisions and action plans
4476. A great day at Sauder's Village
4477. Krist and Mur's patio for suppers
4478. Visiting Heather and her family
4479. The kids saw a big city--unplanned trip bonus
4480. GPS took us straight to the hotel and we couldn't have been happier to see it
4481. "Some plants grow into huge trees. Others are meant to be small plants with beautiful flowers. All are needed." (Jason Rissler)
4482. A quiet morning in the hotel room
4483. Letting my husband make the decisions
4484. HOME.
4485. Doors on my upper kitchen cabinets!!
4486. An act of kindness touched me deeply.
4487. Finally some time to talk to Jeremy
4488. Felt more like myself most of the day
4489. Blogging and reading blogs
4490. The children ended up enjoying something they were dreading
4491. All 6 played nicely this afternoon
4492. Gramma and Grandad stopped in
4493. Sortof fearless snake hunters
4494. Catching up with Meghan makes me feel a little more back to normal
4495. Isaiah watching airplanes for as long and as far as he can see them
4496. Aliza and Anna mixed up a batch of chocolate chip cookies completely on their own
4497. Drove the van we are buying--yay!
4498. Good thing I did what didn't make sense
4499. William saved me from driving to Georgetown again
4500. Some time with Maria
4501. Making Father's Day dinner for my dad
4502. Jeremy took full advantage of me telling him to sleep in
4503. Just in time before Chesapeake Dairy closed
4504. Scanning station set up downstairs
4505. Boring homeschool review
4506. Curtains for the girls room
4507. Catching up with my Mama by marriage
4508. Bushes full of blueberries
4509. Emptying school notebooks
4510. Tea and blueberries
4511. Taking care of my nieces and nephews
4512. Enough food for today
4513. It wasn't the beach, but they made the most of playing in the rain
4514. Food supply restored
4515. Quick visit with a friend in the grocery store
4516. Jeremy able to do the car repairs
4517. Curriculum sales
4518. Freedom to worship freely and in public
4519. The children had a great day with Grandma
4520. The first night of Bible School went well
4521. Anna went into Dance Camp by herself and loved it
4522. The most vivid, vibrant rainbow I've ever seen
4523. Watching Isaiah enjoy the experience of Bible School
4524. Strength for the day
4525. A phone call I wasn't expecting
4526. Isaiah in his rainboots "dabbing" at the top of the slide
4527. Fun at the cove with friends
4528. Hugging my sister
4529. A perfect morning for the park
4530. Anna made it through dance camp
4531. VBS song and socializing

Friday, June 30, 2017

What A Week!

Anna had dance camp every morning this week. She had a love/hate relationship with dance camp. Once she got there she loved it, but every morning she was so nervous that her tummy hurt and she couldn't eat breakfast--and tears. Her teacher talked to her each day and she would participate with a smile. Our dance teacher is amazing. Anna learned a 50s dance and a jazz dance and she performed both dances for the parents with her class.

We did lots of fun things after dance, which is my own fault for adding to the crazy of the week. We went to the cove two days and the park with our CBS friends today. Isaiah was so tired every afternoon. He fell into bed for naps as soon as we got home. He's such a trooper though.

Each evening the kids went to our community Methodist church Bible School. This is Aliza's last year. She has been going since she was 2 years old. Her favorite part is singing their songs on Friday evening in the closing program. Next year she will get to be a helper. Aliza almost teared up during her last song tonight. And she smiled as big as she could for her picture because it's her last one.
Josiah was nervous every single night. I don't think he ate supper all week because his tummy hurt so bad. As soon as he walked into his class he was fine and came home happy every night. He's become a great little singer too.
Isaiah has thought all week that he was one of the big kids whether it was VBS or at the cove. He loved doing the crafts and even though he played with toys during the class time, he had some idea of what the story was. Tonight he surprised me when he walked right up on stage to sing his song without looking back at me. He didn't sing. He looked all around. Stuck out his tongue. Pulled his shirt up and chewed on it. Very cute--for a 2 year old!
I walked Anna to her class every evening and she hung pretty close to her teacher. This is the first year she agreed to have her picture taken and she would only do it if her teacher was in the picture too. Anna, true to form, did not sing in the program.
I'm glad the week is over! Handling allllll the emotions has me worn out! I did not handle them all gracefully, but we made it. Tomorrow I'm catching up on errands....and housework!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Obviously We Bought a Minivan

My Dad and grandparents were so gracious to juggle their cars around so that I could have transportation while Jeremy watched for and researched what and where to buy. We settled on a 2009 Honda Odyssey with a whole bunch of miles on it. This is the first time that we bought a car while holding to our financial values and that is a big milestone for us. I can't say that I ever feel great when I buy a car. This was also the first time we bought from a used car place and I left just hoping they were telling us the truth. A car is about the only purchase where you know you are losing value just driving away from the purchase table. I'm very pleased though. Jeremy took good care of me and the children! It drives great and has even more room than our old van. I have no complaints. Jeremy is working hard to get the repairs done that we need for it to pass Maryland inspection.