Saturday, November 10, 2018

Remembering Last Weekend

Highlights of last weekend with Jeremy's siblings, aunts, uncles and a cousin:

These 4 girls were so happy to see each other. My girls could not tell their cousins NO so they spent a lot of time in Grandma's basement playing together.
We stayed at Joel and Brandi's house which is a highlight of this particular yearly visit. It was almost like a vacation rental in the mornings because Joel slept in and Brandi had other commitments. We made breakfast and then just hung out for a few hours.
Aunt Betsy brought desserts from a Dutch market in PA. Isaiah lived on whoopie pies that were as big as his face all weekend.
My children had the best attitudes all weekend. Josiah had another boy to play with--his second cousin.

Anna interacted with the adults which included her showing off her cartwheels and I'm not sure how it happened, but one of her great aunts did a cartwheel too. I understand that Anna was not that impressed. Anna showed another of her great aunts how to use snapchat face filters. Anna was laughing until she was crying.

Saturday evening I watched the movie Hidden Figures. Such a moving, true story. Everyone should watch it. 
Sarah and I had a memorable coffee outing. The drink was good. The coffee shop itself--Sarah said, "I was standing there in line, looking at the decor and thinking this probably wasn't the best place to bring Carla." 

I sat in the same chair in the dining room for hours on Sunday visiting with the aunts. Aliza sat with me a lot listening to the conversation. 
The comic relief of the whole weekend was this cow. He lives in the pasture behind Van and Karen's house and has found out how to get out of the fence. He showed up various times during the weekend. Van and an uncle repaired the place in the fence that was broken, but, sure enough, that cow took it's liberty to find another place. His name is now Liberty.
Sunday evening Anna came to me exhausted and saying she was cold. It was not at all cold in the house with that many people. Soon she was bundled up in a sweater with the hood up. I got her in bed and my midnight knew she had a fever. In the morning she started throwing up which made for a long drive home. Kind of a bummer end to the weekend. She was on the couch for 3 days, but she is back to her energetic, happy self again.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Joy Dare::October

5817. Cool morning
5818. Puzzle put together
5819. Josiah chatting and helping me in the flowerbed
5820. Visiting with friends
5821. Jeremy had supper ready when we got home
5822. So many years later and she is still watching the horses
5823. Drank caffeine and felt so much better
5824. Celebrating Isaiah today. 4 years old!
5825. Lingered longer in the rocking chair with a sleeping 4 year old
5826. 4 year old tea party=sugar cubes, ice cubes, stirring, and spills
5827. Surprise invitation
5828. Anna's sweet note on my dresser this morning
5829. Long talk with Brandi
5830. Anna's decorated cake
5831. Picking apples
5832. Serious pumpkin decorating
5833. Border on the flowerbed
5834. Dahlia's blooming
5835. Boys playing, friends talking
5836. Pumpkin pie ice cream
5837. Little boys in bath robes
5838. Disciplining my mind
5839. Surprised by another invitation
5840. Isaiah's rambling conversation
5841. Bulbs in the mail
5842. Josiah being a bit more independent in school
5843. Anna doing "I love Mommy" cheers
5844. Children old enough to be real help
5845. Talking to other moms and finding out how normal I am
5846. Rescuing dahlias after the storm
5847. The girls slept through the storm
5848. A tree fell, but it was away from the house
5849. Anna singing choir songs
5850. That moment Jeremy walks through the door in the evening
5851. Refreshments provided for the choir moms and kids by our host church
5852. Shopping for a shade for this lamp
5853. Mom time with MY mom
5854. Tea and dessert with Aliza
5855. First quarter grade figured
5856. Back in our church building
5857. Apple pie and ice cream
5858. Monday--school goes so well
5859. Dahlia bouquets
5860. The children were very positive about our plans
5861. Anna snuggles
5862. The weather calls the children outside
5863. Aliza totally made supper on her own
5864. Rediscovered a board game
5865. Anna super excited to have a pen pal
5866. Jeremy and my morning time
5867. Teaching discernment
5868. Sitting with another couple for supper
5869. Talked to Linda
5870. The last flowerbed bouquet
5871. Aliza made supper again! I don't know how to feel about this!
5872. Josiah so happy to go to boys Bible study
5873. The kindest words about my children
5874. Isaiah had the best 4 year well check
5875. Mom kept the boys during choir
5876. I went grocery shopping during choir
5877. Jeremy and I had so much fun at the Mercy Me concert
5878. We had a night alone! The kids had a cousin slumber party! I have the best sister!
5879. Slow, quiet morning
5880. Giving time to a friend
5881. Finding lyrics in a magazine
5882. Praying
5883. Lots of robins in the yard
5884. Successful turkey dinner
5885. Linda is home.
5886. The good stuff on facebook
5887. The best part of fall--the window air conditioner is put away
5888. Chick-Fil-A coupons
5889. Children making memories
5890. Clear night for a full moon
5891. My boys like to snuggle in the morning
5892. Doubly thankful for my husband and marriage
5893. Those sweet moments tucking Aliza in
5894. Afternoon snacks while visiting
5895. Jeremy's home!
5896. I was able to sleep while Jeremy was away
5897. Pear crisp
5898. Movie and candy night
5899. Collecting candy
5900. An afternoon with Janell's family
5901. Singing in the car
5902. Planted daffodils
5903. So much grace
5904. Dark fall mornings and the children sleep in
5905. Diffusers in bedrooms
5906. Josiah discovered a programming book
5907. Sorting and reducing toys
5908. Playing outside
5909. Learning about the Reformation
5910. I keep showing up for morning exercise

Saturday, October 27, 2018

All the Little Things

A few weeks ago, when the remnants of Hurricane Michael came through, we got 6+ inches of rain and a tree fell down. The tree is still laying in our yard. Someday we will have a sunny Saturday and it will get taken care of!
Isaiah had his 4 year well check. My least favorite of all the well checks because it has a lot of shots. So I had myself all worked up for a difficult visit...and Isaiah was awesome. He stood on the scales, talked to the doctor and didn't even flinch during the shots. This kid has a different personality than my others! I walked out of the store with pizza, doughnuts and a paw patrol kinderegg for him.
Jeremy and I went to a Mercy Me concert and the children spent the night with Janell. We had a lot of fun at the concert.

I finally worked up the nerve to bake the 20 pound turkey that was given to me almost a year ago. I'm not afraid anymore! It turned out very well with plenty of leftovers!
I came downstairs one morning this week and found Isaiah half on the couch with the blanket over his head sound asleep. I wished I could do the exact same thing.
This is going to be what my children talk about when they look back on their childhood. And, at this point, I think they will talk about it with the fondest of memories. They are often all playing the same game--there is always conversation during the day about who will play what game with who during computer times. There is almost constant conversation, exclamations, team work and the older ones are very patient in helping Isaiah when he gets stuck. But don't underestimate how much Isaiah can do on his own! This will probably always be the area of motherhood where I struggles with the most feelings of guilt and failure too.
Isaiah has been hanging out with Aliza while she does school. I can't quite figure out how she gets anything done, but she does. I find them on my bed with all of Isaiah's stuffed animals watching Aliza's lesson. She is busy doing her work while keeping up the game of "Moms and Dads" with Isaiah.

Jeremy was out of town for 3 days this week.This time I slept pretty well while he was away. And no bats came in the house--that's my worst case scenario when he's away overnight.

Every night, when I tuck Aliza in, she tells me how much she appreciates me and all I do. Sweet, sweet moments.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Fall Flowers

Dahlias have been the star of the flowerbed this fall. It's been really fun to have late blooming flowers. Dahlias were another experiment worked out well.

Josiah helped me put the brick border around the flowerbed. It looks permanent now!
The colors changed as the season and temperature changed. This dahlia was on the same bush as the pure white/yellow one in the first picture.
These large dahlias were so fun!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Apples and Pumpkins

The weather didn't feel like fall. It was hot! Josiah was so excited to pick apples. His idea of picking apples included climbing trees and he got to do that.
And then we decorated pumpkins which consisted of each child picking out a pumpkin and then having access to a table of art supplies to use to decorate the pumpkin. These three girls had the time of their lives.
Did I mention they had unrestricted, unlimited use of the art supplies??
Isaiah concentrated so hard on painting the stem of his pumpkin.

Anna had her pumpkin just about finished...
...when she decided she wasn't satisfied with it and proceeded to wash the paint off with a wet paintbrush.
And then she started again. This was the her finished mess on the table. Water, glitter, paint.
Everybody's pumpkins lined up while Janell and I helped the lady in charge clean up our table. Our table was considerable more messy than any other. In fact, our table had to have new paper put down--no one else's table needed that while we were there.

by Aliza

by Josiah

by Anna
by Isaiah

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Kitchen Update

The hero of this story is my Mom. There is no way I would have started this project on my own. I wouldn't have even dreamed up this project on my own.

This is the before picture:
In June, while we were on vacation Mom painted the faux brick white. I LOVED it.
The next step was painting the upper cabinets white.
Mom and I did the upper cabinets in a day. Anna helped paint the doors. I really loved the white. Aliza hated it and she was sure to let me know!
Then it was my job to paint the rest of the walls. I broke it down into sections and over the next few weeks or month I got it down! I let Anna use the roller behind the refrigerator. She was so thrilled. Anna has been the most faithful helper in this project.
I was dreading doing this slated door. But it ended up that I started it on a day that my Grandad brought the mower up. So he sat in the kitchen and talked to me while Jeremy mowed the grass. That made the job much more enjoyable--having someone to talk to.
After I got the walls painted at the beginning of September, I told Mom that I had the goal of having all the painting done by Isaiah's birthday party the end of Sept. I didn't realize how big that goal was! Mom went all in and I helped her get it done!

First we removed the lower cabinet doors. I had awesome helpers! Mom took the doors to her house and stripped 3 layers of paint and varnish off.
Then Mom came up and I helped her strip the paint off the cabinets. (I'm ok if I never have to strip anything again!) This picture has stayed in my mind though--sometimes progress looks a lot like destruction.
My only claim to fame is that I stripped the drawers by myself on another day.
While Mom primed and painted the cabinet doors at her house, I primed the cabinets and drawers. By I, I mean, Josiah, Anna and Isaiah primed the cabinets.

All 3 of them stuck with it and knocked out the priming pretty fast!

Then it was time to paint the cabinets. And, actually, Mom painted them while we were at choir. I spray painted the hinges and Jeremy hung the cabinet doors---all in time for Isaiah's birthday party.
The color is dark gray--not black. I couldn't get the light just right. I love love love it! Now there are some dreams circulating for the floor, ceiling, counter and pantry area.

And, yes, Mom is my hero!