Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Josiah!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Project Weekend

My Mom's sister and her family visited for the weekend. The ladies worked on projects. The redneck men checked traps and the other men took care of their children so that the Moms could scrapbook. I finished my 2013 family album which was really great, but the bigger thing is that Aliza got to be with the women all day.

My cousin's daughter is 11 and enjoys Friends Legos as much as Aliza so both girls brought their Legos and they played in the living room together all day long. It was really neat. Aliza was exhausted that night!

My Gramma saved her Valentine banana split for this weekend. We had a dessert break in the afternoon. Gramma did not feel well at all, but she still laid out a fancy table!
Sunday was just a beautiful 60+ degree day. There was no way that I could deny Jeremy the chance to play golf. I took the children with me to Mom's and Anna was mesmerized by the Cricut. Laurie had a buddy. It was funny because Friday night Anna was scared of Laurie. By Saturday night Anna came to me and said, "I not scared that lady. She nice." And Anna didn't really leave Laurie's side.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I recently read a book, Clutterfree with Kids, that inspired me to sort and declutter. It's a slow process, but one that definitely feels good and brings me much satisfaction. I started with two places that I stash things up high--on top of the pantry and on top of the refrigerator. The top of the refrigerator is where paint and other craft supplies go that I need to control. I found lots of things up there that I had forgotten about! There are about 10 more areas that need to be sorted, well, that's an understatement, I need to go through the whole house.

It's toys that I really want to get a handle on. Toys breed. That's the only possible explanation for how a household ends up with so many toys. I started with books. A bookshelf downstairs was overflowing with children's books. Clutterfree with Kids talks about sticking to boundaries for toys. In our case, books need to fit on the bookshelf, toys need to fit in the toy box, saved papers need to fit in the given box. That makes a good explanation for children too.

With the children I started with stuffed animals. I laid out all the stuffed animals and asked them to choose ones that could be given away. They each chose several that they could live without.

Another day Josiah sorted through his overflowing basket of cars, trucks, and tractors. Apparently getting rid of things is easy for him. He let 3/4 of his collection go. The basket is nice and neat now and he can easily find the trucks and tractors that he actually likes to play with...and I have a whole lot less to pick up!

Aliza is on the other end of the spectrum. She and I sorted through her rack of tubs in her room. She let things go, but insisted on taking a picture of many items so that she could remember them.
The cardboard desk she made for herself in 1st grade.

The top and bottom (below) of shoes. The doll they belong to lost it's head and was disposed of long ago.

A doll with missing limbs
Just a few examples. One day I will have to declutter my photos!! For now a "cluttered" iphoto is the least of my worries.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter Evenings

The Winter Olympics are helping us pass these winter evenings enjoyably. I particularly enjoy Olympics. Jeremy records the evening show and we watch them chronologically as our evenings allow. Currently we are about 5 days behind. At this rate we will be watching Olympics until day light savings time starts again!

Aliza colored pictures of different Winter Olympic events. I was going to do flags, but then I realized how unfamiliar we are with winter sports. The children have enjoyed matching the coloring page to different events they see.
Some evenings are more annoying than enjoyable. There is more noise and distraction than volume on the computer. Aliza pretty much wants constant touch and affection. Josiah isn't into it so he wants the Ipad--with volume. And, Anna, she thinks of every possible reason to get me off the couch or else she is dancing in the middle of the room wanting us to watch her.

But then there are other nights when I can actually enjoy it. Anna might paint...spills included.
Aliza likes to color in her Lalaloopsy poster book.
And Josiah puts himself under a blanket so that he can keep the volume lower. I'm not sure of the logic behind that, but it did work.
I should add that whether the evening enjoyable or not, it seems next to impossible to get the spot beside my husband! It's ok...but it won't be that many more Olympics until we will be watching them alone and that sortof makes me sad!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Wilson

A few of my favorites from Laura's wedding.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Few Highlights

My student fell asleep during school again--just like this. I'm thinking maybe the rocking chair is too comfortable?! haha. Or reading is just plain hard work right now.
Anna was totally excited to be included in the math co-op class. The teacher gave her a folder like everybody else and she "wrote" the definition of a pattern just like her big sister and brother. I want to remember forever how proud her face was when she showed me what she "wrote." She stuck right next to Aliza and Aliza looked out for her.
It was doughnut making day at Grandma's house. The community of cousins gathered to glaze and sprinkle the doughnuts.
I learned that sprinkles work a lot like glitter. Afterwards we poured a whole lot of sprinkles back into containers.

There was a lot of eating too. Mostly by adults, I would say!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good Times

Last weekend Jeremy and I attended the wedding of my dear college roommate. Carlissa and I had a great sophmore year together. I have a scrapbook full of quotes that adorned our wall and my email address still reflects our ridiculous play times--sumo wrestling. Carlissa was just enough bigger than me that I needed some extra pillows in my shirt for padding. Carlissa also endured that year while Jeremy and I were dating. Now 14 years later, she got married and I could not be happier for her. She was glowing and absolutely gorgeous.

Meanwhile, our children had a day with Grandma and Grandpa and Joel and Brandi. They don't have many opportunities to get alone time with the far away grandparents so this was extra special. They did crafts and played Wii and took a trip to Sweet Frog with Joel and Brandi.

It might be hard to see on the picture this size, but Anna applied lipstick with Grandma. She came in the kitchen and I just laughed. She had lips twice the normal size and she was chomping on gum.
The snow had just started to melt enough that it could be packed to make a small snowman. Aliza's was called Pecky.
Josiah wanted his to have a carrot nose.

We stayed through Sunday to watch the Super Bowl, but it was pretty disappointing for the East Coast family. I decided to cheer for the West Coast team because it just made more sense. Plus I frequently like to cheer for the underdog. Obviously, I found the game a lot more enjoyable than anyone else in the house.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Joy Dare::January

1077. Jeremy took the day off!
1078. Packed up the box for Sole Hope
1079. New Year's fruit and candy dessert

1080. Implementing some healthier routines
1081. Bookkeeping software that protects Jeremy from himself
1082. Big wet snowflakes falling
1083. Brilliant sunlight reflecting off the snow
1084. Dad feeling good.
1085. A doctor who looked but couldn't find anything wrong
1086. At home weekend
1087. A nap today so I had patience for a long bedtime routine
1088. Jeremy did a lot of the correcting today.
1089. All snuggled together on the couch to watch a TV show
1090. An overwhelmingly positive homeschooling review
1091. Watching Duck Dynasty and Josiah decides that he really likes Mommy's cooking
1092. Taking care of my sick husband
1093. A family fighting off colds and fevers means early bedtimes
1094. Lots of sunshine on a frigidly cold day
1095. Extra snuggle time with Anna
1096. Sick days mean extra time to sit on the couch and snuggle
1097. Pushing Aliza out of her comfort zone
1098. Reading American Girl books out loud until my own scratchy throat couldn't take any more
1099. Rejoiced with a friend over a huge milestone for her daughter
1100. Only did what absolutely had to be done
1101. Gramma only needed antibiotics
1102. Hot tea and toast
1103. Feeling better as the day went on
1104. A voice that held up for lots of reading
1105. Birds chirping early this morning
1106. Popsicles, go-gurt, and string cheese. A special grocery trip for for sick snacks
1107. Breakfast made for me
1108. Moms checking on us
1109. Lively chatter in the house again
1110. Letting in some fresh air
1111. Rainy day chocolate chip cookies

1112. Jeremy doesn't complain about what I don't get done in a day
1113. In answer to a question about how she wanted to be remembered when she dies Aliza wrote, "I'm funny and bossy and that I love my Mom."
1114. Light shining through the fog
1115. Josiah having some energy
1116. A few minutes of snow flurries
1117. Dinner with a friend
1118. Maintained self control through a day of excruciating whining
1119. Change of scenery--most of the day at Mom's house
1120. Everyone so excited because they piled on me and tickled me
1121. A day to rejuvenate
1122. New project ideas make me so excited
1123. Anna wearing underwear--will it last?
1124. Good football games
1125. Watching Anna act so grown up
1126. Finding a video taken with my phone that makes me laugh so hard I cry
1127. Children who sleep in after late nights
1128. Children old enough to be spontaneous
1129. Anna describing everything she sees as happy...mommy happy, bear happy, IPad happy...
1130. In a warm house while the cold wind howls outside
1131. Reading together
1132. Powdery snow, frigid temperatures and bright sun
1133. So loved that my child wants me to sleep with her all. night. long.
1134. Anticipating the weekend
1135. Snow play in the bath tub
1136. Neighbors that welcome us into their home and hearts
1137. My children love their home and family
1138. Some time to visit with my grandparents
1139. A weekend with my hubby
1140. Amazing dinner
1141. Relaxing all day
1142. All of us in the same house again
1143. Aliza's journal so she could tell me every detail of her time at grandma's house
1144. Drinking water out of the faucet so cold it makes my teeth hurt
1145. Animated conversation during supper
1146. Texts throughout the day
1147. Meghan continuing to talk to me despite the constant, outrageous commotion
1148. Watching woodcock birds in spectacular camoflague
1149. My family forgiving me when I blow it
1150. Snow falling so peacefully
1151. The moment I realized all 3 were playing happily together
1152. Another batch of snow cookies
1153. Josiah talked and talked to me tonight. It may have had something to do with the nap he took and not being able to fall asleep.
1154. 3 children playing outside in the snow
1155. School finished and school planned for tomorrow before supper
1156. A long evening
1157. A crazy game of chase/tackle/tickle in Grandma and Grandpa's basement
1158. Warmer temperatures--relatively speaking
1159. Incredibly enjoyable children today