Monday, February 24, 2014

Project Weekend

My Mom's sister and her family visited for the weekend. The ladies worked on projects. The redneck men checked traps and the other men took care of their children so that the Moms could scrapbook. I finished my 2013 family album which was really great, but the bigger thing is that Aliza got to be with the women all day.

My cousin's daughter is 11 and enjoys Friends Legos as much as Aliza so both girls brought their Legos and they played in the living room together all day long. It was really neat. Aliza was exhausted that night!

My Gramma saved her Valentine banana split for this weekend. We had a dessert break in the afternoon. Gramma did not feel well at all, but she still laid out a fancy table!
Sunday was just a beautiful 60+ degree day. There was no way that I could deny Jeremy the chance to play golf. I took the children with me to Mom's and Anna was mesmerized by the Cricut. Laurie had a buddy. It was funny because Friday night Anna was scared of Laurie. By Saturday night Anna came to me and said, "I not scared that lady. She nice." And Anna didn't really leave Laurie's side.

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