Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good Times

Last weekend Jeremy and I attended the wedding of my dear college roommate. Carlissa and I had a great sophmore year together. I have a scrapbook full of quotes that adorned our wall and my email address still reflects our ridiculous play times--sumo wrestling. Carlissa was just enough bigger than me that I needed some extra pillows in my shirt for padding. Carlissa also endured that year while Jeremy and I were dating. Now 14 years later, she got married and I could not be happier for her. She was glowing and absolutely gorgeous.

Meanwhile, our children had a day with Grandma and Grandpa and Joel and Brandi. They don't have many opportunities to get alone time with the far away grandparents so this was extra special. They did crafts and played Wii and took a trip to Sweet Frog with Joel and Brandi.

It might be hard to see on the picture this size, but Anna applied lipstick with Grandma. She came in the kitchen and I just laughed. She had lips twice the normal size and she was chomping on gum.
The snow had just started to melt enough that it could be packed to make a small snowman. Aliza's was called Pecky.
Josiah wanted his to have a carrot nose.

We stayed through Sunday to watch the Super Bowl, but it was pretty disappointing for the East Coast family. I decided to cheer for the West Coast team because it just made more sense. Plus I frequently like to cheer for the underdog. Obviously, I found the game a lot more enjoyable than anyone else in the house.

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Christie said...

Those are some awesome snowmen!