Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Few Highlights

My student fell asleep during school again--just like this. I'm thinking maybe the rocking chair is too comfortable?! haha. Or reading is just plain hard work right now.
Anna was totally excited to be included in the math co-op class. The teacher gave her a folder like everybody else and she "wrote" the definition of a pattern just like her big sister and brother. I want to remember forever how proud her face was when she showed me what she "wrote." She stuck right next to Aliza and Aliza looked out for her.
It was doughnut making day at Grandma's house. The community of cousins gathered to glaze and sprinkle the doughnuts.
I learned that sprinkles work a lot like glitter. Afterwards we poured a whole lot of sprinkles back into containers.

There was a lot of eating too. Mostly by adults, I would say!

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