Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter Evenings

The Winter Olympics are helping us pass these winter evenings enjoyably. I particularly enjoy Olympics. Jeremy records the evening show and we watch them chronologically as our evenings allow. Currently we are about 5 days behind. At this rate we will be watching Olympics until day light savings time starts again!

Aliza colored pictures of different Winter Olympic events. I was going to do flags, but then I realized how unfamiliar we are with winter sports. The children have enjoyed matching the coloring page to different events they see.
Some evenings are more annoying than enjoyable. There is more noise and distraction than volume on the computer. Aliza pretty much wants constant touch and affection. Josiah isn't into it so he wants the Ipad--with volume. And, Anna, she thinks of every possible reason to get me off the couch or else she is dancing in the middle of the room wanting us to watch her.

But then there are other nights when I can actually enjoy it. Anna might paint...spills included.
Aliza likes to color in her Lalaloopsy poster book.
And Josiah puts himself under a blanket so that he can keep the volume lower. I'm not sure of the logic behind that, but it did work.
I should add that whether the evening enjoyable or not, it seems next to impossible to get the spot beside my husband! It's ok...but it won't be that many more Olympics until we will be watching them alone and that sortof makes me sad!

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