Saturday, March 15, 2014

An Abbreviated Version of the Week

I think it has taken me all week to catch up from birthday weekend. Of course it hasn't help that this week ended up to be busier than usual.

Monday we visited my Gramma to watch more digging at my parents house. My parents are putting in a new septic system. We ended up spending most of the day there which just means I did a whole bunch of housework in the evening!

Tuesday evening I needed to go grocery shopping.

Wednesday evening Jeremy and staff had a late meeting so I invited the wife of one of his employees to come over for dinner and then the guys came after the meeting and ate. We had a very nice evening together. I made this chicken recipe.

Thursday night Jeff and Janell kept our children so that we could have dinner and spend the evening with Matt and Chrissy. I hadn't seen Chrissy since before Christmas!! We had a great time. The children had a great time. They weren't ready to come home when we arrived to pick them up....of course, they were in the middle of watching Frozen. While we were getting ready to leave,Josiah started "skating" really fast on Janell's hardwood and he managed to fall hard on his mouth. It was bleeding and we left with a screaming kid. The next day during co-op he came to me clearly distressed. He realized that a top front tooth was loose--due to the fall.

Finally, on Friday evening I made a trip to Ocean City to deliver a computer to a friend from out of town. It was nice to see her and it worked out that we had a few minutes to visit. Plus I got Chick Fil A out of the deal and that made it all worth it! And I talked on the phone all the way there and all the way home and I was very happy by the time I got home.

I can't remember a week when we were all home together only one evening during the week. It was all good, fun stuff. I'm just ready to hunker down again for a bit. Maybe actually got the floors mopped instead of just getting all the toys picked up! There's snow in the forecast for tomorrow night so maybe it will happen. I'm not really all that happy about snow in the middle of March. We've had a couple gorgeous spring-like days and they make me just long for more!

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