Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Aliza's Day

Aliza had a really great birthday. She and I continued our tradition of eating at Panera. This year it is the day before her birthday. After eating, we visited Barnes and Noble. Aliza wanted to read Frozen and we looked around.
While we were looking around I got a call from Jeremy saying that Josiah and Anna were tussling over a blanket and Josiah managed to knock out his bottom front tooth. Josiah says it was his own fist or knee that did it. It wasn't at all loose, but, thankfully, it came out cleanly. All's well that end's well. He will have a hole for a while!

On our way home we enjoyed Tutti Frutti for dessert. Of course half the fun is taking home yogurt for the rest of the family!

It was a snowy birthday morning! In fact, it snowed all day. After opening her presents, she went to work with Daddy for the morning. (This was partially necessary for me to have the chance to get Josiah's school work done!) She had a great time hanging out with her Daddy and having lunch with him.
Aliza spent all afternoon working on her Cinderella Lego Castle. That is one neat castle! We had potato soup by request and I made Bacon-Cheddar Cauliflower Chowder for Jeremy and I. Cake for dessert. And the we wanted the movie Frozen after supper.
Frozen was really great! I'm glad I read the story first since I tend to get interrupted a lot during TV time. Aliza thought parts were just hilarious. After the movie, Jeremy took the children up for bed while I folded the last load of laundry. A few minutes later he was back down holding Anna. Anna managed to fall (no tussling or fighting involved) and hit the back of her head on my bedside stand. She had a cut on her scalp and it was bleeding--with a capital B! There was blood down her shirt, all over her hair and we went through 2 clothes. I knew head wounds bleed a lot, but I'd never witnessed one and we couldn't really see the cut through all the blood so we decided to call an ambulance so that somebody could look at it and tell us if it needed stitches. It was after 9 and the roads were icy so there was no way I could get my Mom to look at it. The ambulance came, Aliza and Josiah were terrified, and the result was that Anna would be just fine--no medical attention required. Now we know! Aliza was so sad that her birthday had to end in tears! I spent a decent amount of time reassuring her and Josiah that Anna would be fine, that Anna was no where near death and that Mommy would not be going to the hospital with her. I was a little afraid that Anna would have trouble sleeping, but she slept right through the night and woke up happy this morning. She didn't complain all day about it. All's well that end's well. And I'm happy to say that tonight everyone made it to bed without a mishap!

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I think some of these should be blog posts, I am curious to know more!