Monday, March 24, 2014

Just Words

School--Aliza has become self motivated to complete schoolwork every day, in fact, every morning. It makes me so happy I can't hardly stand it! There's no complaining or whining. She motivated because she sees summer coming. Handwriting only had 120 lessons for the year and she finished that a couple weeks ago. Tomorrow she finishes History and then next week she will finish Science. After she finishes History and Science she will get to do 2 extra reading units, called Book Links, that she really enjoys.

End of Life Issues--This seems to be on my mind a lot in recent months. I'm sure it is directly related to the amount of time I spend on the phone with my sister-in-law whose mother is battling a brain tumor at the age of 64. I have 3 living grandparents in their 80s who are quite healthy, it just doesn't seem right for Meghan to be losing her Mom. Lord knows, there is NO WAY that I'm even the slightest bit ready to live without my parents. I'm honored to walk with Meghan. I'm growing up again. Feeling my age.

Supper tonight--I made a fish recipe tonight from Kraft Food & Family magazine. It's talapia baked in the oven with Tuscan Italian Dressing. I also roasted red potatoes and green beans with it. It was so yummy. The more important point here is that Aliza loved the fish! There's hope! I so struggle with her to make healthy eating choices, but today was a good day.

Faith Filled Women Conference--I attended this conference locally on Saturday. I hadn't been before and didn't exactly know what to expect, but it was a good day. I wish I had looked up the speaker's bio before I went. Maybe then I wouldn't have felt like sobbing through the whole first keynote session. We were able to choose 2 seminars to attend. They served a lovely lunch. It was just a nice day...except for the wanting to cry my eyes out part.

Fear--So if you watched the speaker's bio that I linked to, you'll be able to track with me here. I've laid awake the past several nights thinking about her story. About how I'm raising my children to live a certain way, a moral way, to make responsible choices etc etc. WHAT IF THEY DON'T? I could paralyze myself in fear of the future. I have to make a conscience choice to live in today and to just do the very best that I can do to raise my children to have the ability to make sound choices. Today. Just today.

Husband--It seems like Jeremy has been working a lot. He's out the door early and more often than not, he comes home after we have started eating. (This usually means the children are finished and I'm still eating.) I'm not complaining. He's working hard to provide for our financial needs. What I'm getting to is that even though he works a lot he has been really helping me out on the weekends. Doing some dishes, making breakfast, kid chore stuff, letting me get out alone. These things go a long long way in letting me feel refreshed on Monday mornings and I'm so so grateful for his support.

Scrapbooking--I want to.

I think that's all that is on my mind for now!

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