Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday Weekend

My job for this weekend was to make three separate birthday people feel special! Sunday was Jeremy's birthday. Our Moms were lamenting how old they are feeling now that we are officially in our mid-30's. I had a rough idea of a steak dinner for Sunday dinner and Jeremy's Mom made it really come together and taste yummy. It was a great meal and I hoped that I wouldn't get hungry for the rest of the day, but I did! Jeremy loves Rice Krispie treats so I made Snickers Rice Krispie Treats and they were really good. I think Jeremy had a good would have been better if he could have gotten in a round of golf!

Saturday was Aliza and Josiah's birthday party. This year it was just our families and I *tried* to keep in really simple. I don't seem to succeed in that area. There was some good cousin play time. These 3 boys are just too much fun when they are together. They needed a chain for trapping alligators and I found a huge pile of sticks on my front porch after they left...I'm assuming it was for a fire of some kind.
And, oh my, these 2 sisters. I love them.

I thought it would have been fun to do a minecraft party, but the demand was for a Lego theme. So it was a Friends Lego cake for Aliza...
...and a Batman Lego cake for Josiah. It's good to note here and there that my kiddos are growing up. Lydia took several handfuls out of Aliza's cake before Aliza blew her candles. When Aliza found out, she said she felt like crying, but she didn't. No tears, no scene. She must be 8.
The set that Aliza's been hoping for. Heartlake City Pool.
Grandpa and Grandma worked long and hard to make a Lego tray for Josiah. It has already been put to good use when he's building, especially since he like to build on the couch. And when it's flipped over, it makes a great desk!
So a super busy weekend. I was definitely feeling it this morning. I could have used one more weekend day. It was a good weekend though. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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