Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hallelujah! It's High!

I haven't lost it. Two children have not pushed me over the edge. I'm not depressed. My thyroid levels are just high.

What a relief. A couple weeks ago I caught myself thinking that I had way too much energy for keeping up with a toddler and a newborn. The extra energy was nice for about a week or so. Then I started being able to sleep only 3 or 4 hours a night. Which led to exhaustion and some pretty mean outbursts at Jeremy. Then last week I started waking up feeling super nervous and jittery which led to my heart pounding and feeling sick. And I've been crying a lot too. All of that can easily be contributed to hyperthyroid.

So I had my post pregnancy follow up last week and I decided I was going to tell the Dr. what was going on. She did what I figured she would....wrote a prescription for an antidepressant calling it "baby blues." I took the samples "just in case" and promptly asked for an order for labwork for my thyroid.

I took one dose of the antidepressant---that was a mistake. I felt SO sick! And then I just waited for the lab results. All week I've been pretty sure I was right about my thyroid, but just had the nagging doubt in head of "what if it's something else." But I was right again and I should feel some better in a week and back to normal in 2 weeks.

I'm super thankful for my family. My Mom and Dad have helped me a lot with the children. And Jeremy has put up with a lot too. He had to attend 2 Dr. appointments because I couldn't get myself together to do it alone. He still loves me too! Amazing!!!

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kater's mom said...

praise the lord! i love you and am glad things are okay! and as for your previous post about alizas prayer...that is precious!