Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Latest Projects

I was feeling sentimental about being in the hospital and coming home out of commission so I made this Little Book of Instructions about Aliza (at 23 months). It is made out of chipboard coasters and I just did it in an evening so the pages are super simple...stickers and small embellishments. The cute thing is that Aliza loves to look through it. So... if someone else posted this picture I would want to know what the instructions are.....
1. Let Aliza drink the milk out of her cereal bowl---even if it makes a mess.
2. Bear and Pacifier solve all the world's problems.
3. Fresh air and exercise bring contentment, joy and usually a good nap.
4. Sometimes Aliza likes to read books and play by herself.
5. Often she will find you, take your hand and tell you to "sit" so that you can play or read stories.
6. Good luck playing song charades. (Father Abraham, This Little Light of Mine, Deep & Wide, I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy and Arky, Arky are pretty obvious)
7. "D? Yes?" means that Aliza wants to watch a DVD.
8. When getting ready for bed, if Aliza touches her hair and "hair" she wants her hair played with. If she rubs her tummy, she wants her tummy rubbed. If she touches her back, she wants her back rubbed. Be warned! She won't want you to stop.
9. Aliza will keep playing happily no matter how tired she is. Put her to bed at 1pm and 8pm.
10.Lots of hugs, kisses and positive words are required for optimal functioning.

This layout is another Christie and Carla scrap challenge. This time we agreed to use crayons on our layout. I had Aliza create my white background paper with crayons. The pictures are of her playing in the snow for the first time and the title is "cutie pie". Sorry the picture is overexposed. I was also happy to reduce my collection of buttons!!

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