Friday, May 29, 2015

Picture Post

I'll sum up this week in photos. It's been a great week!

Cousins and the Jurassic Park app

It happened.

Grandpa and Josiah made our front steps much more presentable.

Yard sale chair.

New soil for our swimming pool gardens

Mismatched stocking footed helper.

Grandma helped Aliza plant her mint and tomatoes. We also planted green pepper, carrots, lettuce and zucchini.

It was a perfect day for picking strawberries. Not too hot and a bit breezy. They actually did very well not eating berries in the field!

Backyard beach

Josiah dug this hole and they had the big idea to fill it with water. It's literally a mud pit. But they have So.Much.Fun. We definitely belong in the country!
Today's beach day. I lugged his car seat on the beach and he was happy in it for a very long time. It's the only time I'll carry the car seat--it's heavy! Next time it will be a hat and sunscreen and even more sand in the mouth.

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