Friday, November 3, 2017

Joy Dare::October

4792. Unpacking Gramma's Christmas villages
4793. Welcoming my aunt, cousin and her boys
4794. Loving my mom
4795. Choosing more of Gramma's treasures and closing this chapter
4796. Aliza helping SO MUCH taking care of the younger children
4797. Time with Hannah
4798. Making birthday treats
4799. Quiet car during dance--I read!
4800. New pajamas
4801. Celebrating Isaiah
4802. Isaiah loving his birthday
4803. Fall morning at the beach
4804. Awesome shells
4805. Gramma memories today
4806. Sunglasses
4807. Chick-fil-a laughing with Aliza and Josiah
4808. Singing in the car
4809. Attending a wedding
4810. A day with Jeremy
4811. A couple hours (that flew by) with Matt and Chrissy
4812. Grandparents who love spending a day with their grandchildren
4813. Isaiah learning to play Memory
4814. All of the girls' fun with makeup
4815. Chrissy remembered something I told her a long time ago
4816. Josiah had a most amazing attitude about school today
4817. Peaceful, priceless moments
4818. Aliza singing with me
4819. Time to sit beside Jeremy
4820. Another great day of school with Josiah
4821. Aliza's total excitement over Dancing with the Stars
4822. Aliza hasn't had too much pain with her expander
4823. Afternoon visiting with my Mom
4824. The new stuff I think about from Bible study
4825. Meghan doing schoolwork with my kids
4826. Introducing my friend to Grandad
4827. A scrapbook page this evening
4828. Writing a real letter
4829. Choir wasn't as bad as Josiah thought it would be
4830. Evenings at home
4831. Weekend pajama mornings
4832. They are weeds but the purple flowers in the yard are pretty anyway
4833. A morning with friends
4834. A card in the mail
4835. Steak for dinner
4836. Sharing common theology
4837. Walking to the car with Lydia and I get to ask her about her day and hear a story or two
4838. Isaiah so tired he chose my lap
4839. Anna ate at the big kids table
4840. Easy 3 year old well check
4841. Picnic, playground and trails
4842. Aliza enjoying creation and the moment
4843. A friend to help Jeremy with his car
4844. Sweet conversation with Anna
4845. Taking advantage of a beautiful afternoon
4846. A thoughtful, generous, surprising gift of thanks
4847. Family time!
4848. Beautiful falls on the Potomac River
4849. Hotel, pool, family slumber party
4850. Super fun trail to the other side of the falls
4851. Experiencing the C & O Canal
4852. Memories made
4853. Happy playing this morning after being away
4854. Hot tea
4855. Having a 4th grader this year
4856. Leading worship went well
4857. Orange dance costumes in the black light
4858. Aliza making Sean giggle
4859. All of Isaiah's plans to play with Grandma
4860. First tea
4861. The pecans were so pretty on the tree
4862. Aliza so excited that her Daddy successfully ordered (he had to wake at 3am to order as soon as the iPhoneX was released) the phone he's been waiting for
4863. Having Mom off work for a whole week was so nice
4864. Friend time, tea and shopping
4865. Sister and brother in law who love my kids
4866. Shopping with my daughters
4867. Sunday naps
4868. Choir practice went better for Josiah
4869. Isaiah's stories
4870. Candy and a movie
4871. Got our work done and relaxed this afternoon
4872. Tried not to hurry today
4873. I now own a cardigan--and I might wear it every day!

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