Thursday, November 9, 2017

Texas Family Time

Last weekend was our time with Jeremy's brother, Josh, and his family. They visit once a year and it is a highly anticipated weekend with cousins and spending nights at Uncle Joel and Aunt Brandi's house.
Saturday afternoon we took an excursion to Harper's Ferry. We walked walked out to Jefferson Point where you can see the Potomac River and the mountains. Then we walked down to the mountain to the downtown area of Harper's Ferry.

The Heslop Men

The Heslop Girls

Our group of 14 managed to get separated in the process of finding bathrooms once to we got into Harper's Ferry. It also started sprinkling. While Joel and Jeremy went back up the mountain to retrieve the cars, I dragged my children to another lookout point. From this point we could see the Shenandoah River meet the Potomac River. I thought it was beautiful. The gray sky made the colors of the leaves stand out.
And then I realized that you could walk across the bridge and I thought that would be so much fun! lol.
It was fun for me (and Brandi--I think!).
And it was really pretty.
We missed out on ice cream in Harper's Ferry, but our car stopped and got some on the way back. Isaiah was very pleased because he started talking about ice cream way back when we were walking down the mountain.
We ate pizza that night. Anna and Evelyn were sitting beside each other and with their pig tails and blonde hair they looked like they could be sisters.
Florence is 17 months old and she came to snuggle on my lap once in a while.
Other highlights of the weekend were Thanksgiving dinner, seeing Joanna Gaines new line in Target and watching the first couple of episodes of This is Us. Oh! And pumpkin spice bagels and chai.

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