Monday, January 28, 2019

Taking It All In

Are you wondering if the trip blogs will ever end? After this one--one more!

After we left the plantation we had to shift our plans since it was raining. So we drove. I have no idea where we drove, but we stopped for lunch at a place that required the men to go in to make sure it was reasonably acceptable. It was. And then we kept driving and ended up at a state park.

I didn't have any ink with me, but we found a letterbox anyway.
I loved this walk. It was a well kept trail. The Spanish mass was pretty.
We laughed a lot along the way. Actually we laughed a lot every day.
Jeremy and I held hands while we walked. It's the little things...

 It was sunset and the reflection off the water was perfect. This was at the end of the alligator lookout boardwalk. We didn't see any alligators.

We ended up by the lake and watched the end of the sunset at the end of the pier.
The guys took lots of neat pictures.
We took the 25 mile causeway across the lake back into New Orleans.

We missed walking around the Garden District so we took a night driving tour of the big houses in the Garden District. This became very entertaining because some houses were lit up on the outside and others had lights on inside so that we could see in.

Our supper restaurant had a map of the city on one wall. We were all in rare form and laughed until we cried while Dan used a straw as a pointer and retraced where we had been.
Plantation tour, swamps, bayous,  25 mile bridge (causeway), big houses, oysters and crabcakes---it was a memorable day.

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