Thursday, April 30, 2015

Family Dinner Book Club--April

This month's book was Where the Sidewalk Ends. I was excited because my kids would have never chosen a book of poems. I was super excited that Josiah totally engaged in this book. It's been a while since I've found one that has really captured him. Aliza, on the other hand, declared it "stupid." I think she secretly liked it.

I took all my ideas from Daisy at Home who shares on Growing Book by Book blog. The idea was to have a backwards, silly, out-of-ordinary meal. So it was breakfast for supper on the living room floor with pillows to sit on.

A stack of pancakes--and we reread the pancake poem.
Juice in bowls. (Josiah thought that was just over the top and insisted that his drink MUST be in a cup.) The Band-Aid name tags are from the Band-Aid poem--and we reread the Band-Aid poem.
Eggs and bacon served in glasses. Daisy at Home also suggested dry cereal on plates with chopsticks. I made cinnamon rolls instead.
We used the conversation starter questions which included that everyone choose a number between 10 and 140 and then read the poem on that page. That was fun. It was a memorable meal and book for sure!

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