Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring's Here!

The season change has happened. I can feel it! The sliding door stands open as much as it is closed and there is sand on the kitchen floor and I don't mind a bit because I LOVE it. I'm happier. The children are happier. I can send the craziness our neighbors can hear it, of course!

We started on a walk and before I even got out of the driveway Josiah can to me with tears. The chain had fallen off his bike. We walked right over to our wonderful retired neighbors and they were home and more than willing to help a boy with his bike. Plus the kids got snacks...right before lunch...which always thrills them.

We took school outside one afternoon.
And Isaiah is sitting just about by himself. Of course right after I took this picture he went straight backwards and hit his head...and screamed.
These two. Their smiles. Anna still wants to hold Isaiah, but he's getting big for her lap!

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