Thursday, December 3, 2015

Joy Dare::November

2907. Rocking and rocking a sleeping Isaiah just because I didn't want to stop
2908. Accidental phone call
2909. A restful Sunday
2910. No trauma during dental checkup
2911. I got to visit with Mom. Josiah got to be with Grandad. Unexpected time together.
2912. Blue sky, sun, colored leaves, temp in the 70s.
2913. Josiah whistling all day long.
2914. Grace to be pleasant in the early morning
2915. The experiment
2916. A cup of hot tea
2917. 7am and the girls are having a dance party
2918. "Joy can transcend all other feelings."
2919. Jeremy saw Isaiah's first couple steps.
2920. Still picking peppers and cherry tomatoes
2921. Yellow leaves covering the driveway
2922. Walking and listening
2923. New shoes for the kiddos
2924. An extra day of work for Jeremy
2925. Smooth grocery shopping trip with four little helpers
2926. Weekend rest
2927. Big smiles
2928. Precious moments
2929. Discussion
2930. Humility allowed me to have a nice visit
2931. One small success
2932. So much happiness over a cookie
2933. Isaiah trying so hard to play with the big kids
2934. Getting out of bed in the morning when I feel like pulling the covers over my head
2935. Lots of playing with Legos
2936. More baby steps
2937. My students working hard on projects
2938. Gathering the leaves
2939. Outside until it was dark
2940. Being out for the evening
2941. Science with friends
2942. Swimming and spending the afternoon with Janell's family
2943. My Grandad is 88 years old!
2944. Dinner date with my hubby!
2945. Playing piano again.
2946. Developing patience while my girls each choose a toy to buy with their money
2947. Long Sunday nap
2948. Keeping perspective
2949. Introduced the 5 minute cleaning frenzy. It was a hit.
2950. It was a good day.
2951. Took an unplanned and uncalculated risk (no risk of harm involved)
2952. Working together
2953. Trying new food
2954. Anna's supper prayer, "God, we just love you so much. Please help me to learn to poop in the potty."
2955. A comfortable walk for mid November
2956. Hanging out with a bunch of preschoolers this morning
2957. The way cleaning doesn't stop when the 5 minute times goes off. Tonight it was Josiah that kept on.
2958. The children sitting nicely around the table visiting with Grandma and Grandad
2959. Stopping the lesson because he wanted to look up the Scripture reference in his own Bible
2960. Staying at Grandma's house to play with cousins
2961. Big day went smoothly
2962. Met our Texas niece!
2963. Uncle and Nephew
2964. Josiah was so incredibly thrilled with his Starbucks hot chocolate
2965. Extra time with Brandi
2966. The first Thanksgiving meal of this week
2967. That moment when Anna woke up and realized she was finally 5 years old
2968. Nighttime hot tub swim for the kids
2969. No major meltdowns after a rough night
2970. No traffic slow downs
2971. World record time grocery shopping
2972. Meghan showed up on my doorstep at just the right time
2973. Gray vans shoes on little boy feet
2974. Cooperation for family photos
2975. It was not graceful. It took apologies and extra time but we got through school
2976. Much better school attitudes this morning--made it to Thanksgiving break!
2977. Aliza thrilled to play with friends she hasn't seen in a while
2978. Cheez Its and Orange juice--the special snack at our neighbor's house
2979. More than we deserve
2980. Better than pumpkin pie in my book (pumpkin spice smith island cake)
2981. Spending the day with my family
2982. Bike riding and swinging on Black Friday!
2983. Loving his new-to-him bike
2984. Starting the Christmas season with tradition
2985. Looking at our new family photos over and over
2986. A Hello Kitty birthday party for a special 5 year old
2987. Convincing Anna that body glue and glitter are really meant for paper!!
2988. A day with my daughters (and my mom, sister, and friend)
2989. My Dad rescued me.
2990. I have the ability to take all my children grocery shopping with me. (This time I only forgot lettuce!)
2991. Aliza being so helpful
2992. Isaiah feeling better
2993. We will call this beauty school:

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