Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Weekend in Ohio

It had been two years since I had seen my Grandma. Mom was planning to drive to Ohio for her family's Christmas gathering and I approached Jeremy about the possibility of me riding with her. It didn't take Jeremy long to decide he would rather have a long weekend taking care of the children than driving 12 hours one way with our children!

I very much looked forward to this trip. The time away and the time with my Mom along with seeing my Grandma and extended family were good for my soul. Going out to Ohio we split the trip. Neither day on the road seemed very long and we arrived ready to visit. I really cherished that first afternoon sitting around the table with my Mom, Grandma and two aunts.
Sunday morning we went to chapel at the retirement community where Grandma lives. In the afternoon we visited my Great Aunt whose memory is failing. She is my Grandpa's sister and is 97 years old. I think we all felt a little teary after visiting her.
I'm so glad I get to claim these two ladies as my Aunts.
This is my treasured picture of the weekend. My Grandma and I. It had been many years since I could spend some time in her apartment just being with her. Sometimes the conversation is secondary to just being with someone.
Sunday evening my four uncles and their wives along with some of my cousins and their families gathered for the evening meal. I took the picture when I realized that we had broken up in to our men table and women table. I really enjoyed reconnecting with some of my cousins. I think there were around 35 people there and that was a "small" group as it represented a little less than half of my Mom's family!
Sunday was a big day. I was super tired and was missing my family. Mom and I were on the road at 7:10am Monday morning. We switched drivers about every 2 hours and kept our stops short. I was hugging my children and husband at 6:00pm. It was a long drive. The joke is always that I have so much to say, but I think I ran out of words on the way home. However, today I thought of a couple things that I wished I had remembered on Monday. I think my brain turned to mush after so many hours on the road!

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