Monday, December 28, 2015

The 2nd of My Christmas Thoughts

Christmas in WV was actually our "first" Christmas and with it some very excited and crazy kids.

At some point in populating his wishlist, Josiah came across a Nintendo 3DS. It was want at first sight and he never let up. His entire Christmas hinged on getting a Nintendo 3DS. He told me he was going to cry if he didn't get one and he was going to cry if he got one. A new one was not a possibility so Jeremy and I started to try to figure out what to do. It turned out that Uncle Joel had an older model that he was willing to part with and give Josiah. Josiah had NO IDEA that he would get this from Uncle Joel.
And he cried.

And then I cried and next thing we knew there was not a dry eye in the room.
Aliza was a still a little teary eyed when she opened her Ever After High dolls. She had convinced herself that she would not be given any so she was pretty happy.
Anna made a couple cards for Aunt Brandi.

Isaiah thought climbing on the box was more fun than opening it.

Brandi made this collage for me through Shutterfly. I love it and need to get it up on my wall.
Josiah has repeatedly told me that "he feels like an adult" now that he has his own device because "only adults have devices." I just let him believe it. He's feeling responsible and so far he has taken very good care of it.

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