Wednesday, February 24, 2016

10 and 8

Our double birthday party for Aliza and Josiah was earlier than usual this week to accommodate both of the Grandmas weekend work schedules. Too many years someone is sick so I said that this year we were tricking sickness by having the party early. Apparently it worked. No one was sick. No matter how "easy" a birthday party is, it still takes effort to pull it off. This was my least labor intensive birthday party--thanks to the kids food requests.

Aliza is very excited to hit the double digits milestone.
Aliza wanted to dress up for her party. She even let Aunt Brandi fix her hair.
Josiah loved having time to play with Caleb. He was pretty surprised--and very thrilled--that Grandad actually gave him a BB gun.
The kids have a pretty big say in their birthday party menu. All Josiah wanted was doughnuts, finger jello, Doritos and Salt and Vinegar chips. He wanted Jurassic World paper supplies. We came across the idea of making the doughnuts into a volcano using frosting for lava. Josiah arranged the doughnuts and did the lava all by himself. He was very pleased with the finished product. So was I!!

Aliza had her own Ever After High table and somehow no one got a picture of it! Aliza wanted ice cream, pickles, BBQ chips and Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream Chips. I surprised her with Dill Pickle chips (she loved them)!
To their requests, I added hamburgers and hotdogs which were grilled. Very easy! Everyone had a good evening so I'd call it a success. Now Aliza and Josiah are both counting down to their "real" birthdays.

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