Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Joy Dare::January

3076. A new wall calendar all filled in (Jeremy is not so proud of my old fashioned ways!)
3077. No big resolutions
3078. Jeremy's eyes were still sparkling when he got home from work.
3079. Boy cousins riding bikes
3080. Cleaning up my computer
3081. A birthday and scrapbooking goodbye with Chrissy
3082. Being with my sister at her house three times this week
3083. Possibly a life time supply of Project Life cards gifted to me
3084. Cutting
3085. Smooth transition back to schoolwork (although Aliza said she cried when she woke up and remembered she had to do math)
3086. Aliza did some cleaning--her own idea--just to help me
3087. Children proud of themselves for working hard
3088. A whiter bathtub
3089. New book to study
3090. Our church building read to meet in
3091. A smooth trip--4 hours and not even a bathroom break
3092. Secret birthday mission accomplished
3093. Pedicure
3094. Sibling love
3095. First meeting in our church building
3096. An end of an era of friendship is the beginning of a new era
3097. Making time for prayer
3098. An opportunity for Aliza to participate in a choir
3099. Accepting where I am in life--it's joys and limitations
3100. Lunch around my Gramma's table
3101. Able to get Josiah's ear looked at quickly
3102. Isaiah is acting like himself again and sleeping well
3103. Successful in doing some exercise this week
3104. A catch up conversation with Meghan
3105. Homeschool review now only once a year
3106. Puzzles and game with Great Gramma
3107. Weekend nap after a busy night with children
3108. Snow covered trees
3109. My favorite--Tea!
3110. New Sunday School classroom with bright light
3111. Jeremy feeling so much better
3112. My girl in my dress
3113.  Huge confidence boost for Aliza
3114. Teaching the primary CBS class
3115. Seasons
3116. Anna needing extra snuggles
3117. Exploring in the snow
3118. These two are buddies
3119. That smile!
3120. Feeling very laid back today
3121. Isaiah snuggled up with Aunt Janell and was utterly heartbroken when it was time for her to leave
3122. Snow falling just slows life down
3123. Family movie night--special snacks included
3124. Something is happening in my heart
3125. Snow day=Family day
3126. New season of Duck Dynasty
3127. Blue sky and sun reflecting off the snow
3128. Snow time with Aunt Laura
3129. Good to be out of the house this evening
3130. Big balls of snow
3131. Making sure I don't make life too easy for my children
3132. Scrubbing a bathroom
3133. A friend of Aliza's joined choir
3134. Janell kept my 3 while I took Aliza to choir
3135. Lydia could have a "get better day" at my house today
3136. Putting essential oils to the test
3137. Intentionally wrote a note of encouragement
3138. Out of the (sick) house
3139. All of us together in the living room after supper
3140. Just enough encouragement for today
3141. So many of us with colds but still finding reasons to laugh
3142. Finding voice messages on my phone of the kids singing made up songs
3143. Stirrings in my heart
3144. Serious sister bonding between Aliza and Anna
3145. Isaiah slept in late on a Sunday morning
3146. Beautiful day for some fresh air
3147. Biggest bike crash we've had yet and it did not result in blood or broken bones

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