Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Fun Day for Everyone

Josiah has had his first deep sea fishing trip. That is pure joy on my Father's face.
The overnight wind shifted the departure time from 6:30am to 8:30am which was just fine with my boys. Josiah woke up a bit apprehensive when it was still dark outside, but he quickly caught the excitement.
We didn't get the motion sickness medicine in him early enough, but he didn't let an early bout ruin his day...plus Daddy got more medicine in him and then Josiah was good to go. Josiah told me how every time they put the hook in the water they would almost immediately be reeling in a fish--sometimes two at a time! 
Meanwhile, my girls joined Janell's family to watch a play of Beauty and the Beast. I opted to stay home so Isaiah could nap. I actually took a way longer nap than I meant to, but that's ok. Janell sent me me pictures and I texted back saying, "Roses?" She said, "I walked past them and said no and Jeff went behind me and said yes." Each of the girls had a rose and they were absolutely thrilled with them. Best Uncle of the Day!

Aliza and Anna both thoroughly enjoyed the play. I heard all about it and they wished that they could see it again.

We all met at my parent's house to see the catch the men brought home and eat some supper together. It was a big day for everyone--except me!

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