Monday, November 28, 2016

Celebrating Anna

It was lots of fun to celebrate Anna last week! Anna decided she wanted to decorate her own cake with Frozen colors and plenty of sprinkles. She started out wanting snowflakes and I was pretty sure that meant it was a Daddy project. I saved cake decorating for the evening and totally threw Jeremy under the bus. But he is laid back and handles all the craziness with ease.

Anna wanted this toy guitar. She loves that thing and played with it all day.
The really funny thing about the cake was that Anna had no intention of eating it. Everyone wanted ice cream. No one wanted cake. Clearly, my children did not inherit my DNA in the cake eating area.
Anna chose a birthday outing instead of a birthday party. It was a girl cousin outing--plus Isaiah. They played at Coco's.

And then got their nails painted.
Each of them chose 2 colors. Anna's was pink with gold sparkles on top.
They ate pizza and played for a bit and then it was time to change our focus from birthday to Thanksgiving.

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