Sunday, November 6, 2016

Joy Dare::October

3794. Throw logical reason to the wind and play in the puddles
3795. Science taking over the counter
3796. Celebrating Isaiah
3797. Visiting with family
3798. Everything about Aliza's baptism
3799. The honor of being trusted
3800. Anna loves her Aunt Brandi so much--there were alligator tears after we said good bye
3801. Once in a while I turn around and a beautiful moment is happening
3802. Living the after school life with Meghan and the boys--homework at the table, folding laundry, wet and muddy rubber boots
3803. I keep on reaching out
3804. Visiting on our neighbor's porch
3805. Isaiah is 2 years old
3806. The change of season in the air
3807. This girl and her aunt
3808. Lots of wanting to play outside
3809. There's nothing better than digging a huge hole
3810. A day just to do things we enjoy
3811. Hairbrush microphone
3812. Family dinner book club
3813. Rainy weekend
3814. "This work is urgent; yet I am no savior. I am responsible to play my part fully in the Body of Christ, with Godward trust and tenacity." (I can't believe I didn't write where this came from!)
3815. An advantage of a small church--a sermon to answer your child's legitimate question
3816. Aliza standing between Jeremy and I to take communion
3817. Anna choosing all the project life cards for her album
3818. I keep learning more about my children and I'm amazed
3819. The price was better than I could have asked for and Anna gets to take gymnastics
3820. I think she smiled the whole time
3821. Writing what I know to be true in my heart
3822. Hanging out in the children's classes at CBS
3823. Afternoon walk
3824. Remembered how nice it is to visit Mom's house
3825. Driving the lawnmower
3826. Isaiah putting 3 and 4 words together
3827. A lost toy started a cleaning spree
3828. Playing together instead of screen time
3829. Listening to the children carry on the book club discussion (Charlotte's Web)
3830. The discussion let to them telling each other what character qualities they see in each other
3831. The main thoughts are on paper
3832. An extra stop at the plant nursery
3833. Isaiah throws a "please" on the end of every request and it's so stinking hard to say no
3834. Everyone with hair washed, dressed up and shoes on=family pictures
3835. Wonderful surprise scrolling through facebook
3836. End of the day snuggles
3837. Figuring this speaking thing out--feeling utterly unqualified
3838. Looking out the window at this project success
3839. A boy napping with his trucks
3840. Met a new friend today
3841. Spoke the words I wrote and it was well received
3842. Anna so excited to do her CBS homework
3843. Swinging and soaking up the warmth
3844. Indian summer
3845. Aliza's own Joy Dare notebook
3846. Camoflague
3847. Leaves crunching under bicycle tires
3848. Taking care of my nieces today and everyone played so well together that I got the floors cleaned
3849. Groceries bought on Friday night makes the weekend feel longer
3850. Pumpkin spice cereal and fall diffuser blend
3851. Chai and my kindle during choir practice
3852. Relaxing day
3853. Perfect fall morning for a letterbox and hike
3854. How Isaiah lines up all the toys with wheels
3855. Living room transformed into a gymnastics gym for practice
3856. So off the wall I annoyed myself
3857. Made it through 3 dentist appointments
3858. Wrapping my arms around Anna when she was disappointed in herself
3859. Fresh air, walking, boy cousins flying on bikes
3860. Delivered on the day of the book release. Looking forward to absorbing this one.
3861. Sonic slush
3862. Heroic husband fixed my phone camera
3863. The dance Moms get it when I'm having a down week
3864. Playing outside all morning makes everyone so happy
3865. Butternut squash soup--perfect for a rainy fall evening
3866. Coloring and reading out loud
3867. Making sure I find a couple minutes to scrapbook is good for my soul
3868. I must have done something right because Anna straightened out her attitude and became pleasant to be around
3869. We found enough chocolate to finish the cookies when I realized there weren't any chocolate chips
3870. Josiah has been spending lots of time playing in his fort
3871. I was so tired I prayed I wouldn't say anything too stupid. I think I did ok.
3872. Celebrating a new nephew coming soon
3873. Anna was pretty thrilled with her bucket of candy
3874. "I think that sign should say Jesus for President" with a tag line "Let's see what the Holy Spirit can do" --Josiah
3875. The rest I needed today
3876. Learning
3877. Figuring out how to build with the resources available
3878. Crazy excitement over a simple movie and candy night

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