Monday, October 31, 2016

*It's Late and I Can't Think of a Title*

Anna really, really wanted to go trick or treating. Aliza and Josiah remember going one year in Chrissy's neighborhood, but I had forgotten that Anna was a baby and that year and had never gone. Janell was happy to take her with Renee and Lydia to the trunk or treat in their community. Anna borrowed their Anna costume and off she went. She was perfectly happy to go without me and was absolutely thrilled with the bucket of candy she came home with. (She was great about sharing with her siblings!)

The days have been beautiful here and today was no exception. I just don't have the heart to keep anyone inside so our recent routine has been to scatter and do our own thing in the mornings and then scramble to do the paper schoolwork in the later afternoon to--hopefully--get it done before supper. Aliza has a certain amount of work that she gets done in the morning. She has more schoolwork to do in a day than the others.

This morning Josiah decided that he was going to build a fort in a tree. This has been his dream for a long time. He and Anna found wood in the garage and dragged out tools and nails. I was not optimistic about how successful this project was going to be. And I told Josiah that I was afraid he was going to end up disappointed. By this afternoon I was glad that he wasn't discouraged by my pessimism.
This is the tree that he has had his heart set on and has made several attempts. This time he found that a piece of plywood fit just right between the limbs. He was not at all sure about sitting on it at this point!
This afternoon he headed back out, and with some team work, he nailed in a couple supports.
Anna thought the wheelbarrow looked like a good spot for a nest. She was a few yards from the tree so I set her up with her computer so that she could watch her lesson.
Josiah was convinced the platform was sturdy when I offered to climb up and stand on it. He was super proud of himself.
The reward for his effort--he did some of his school papers in his fort. I've heard that there are some more building plans for tomorrow.
I would have been willing to do school after dark, but we did have some halloween family plans and school needed to be finished first. We had jack o lantern stuffed peppers for supper and then watched Finding Dory together this evening.
The movie did not get rave reviews from my children although Jeremy did laugh here and there. Aliza and Anna both cried. I think the theme of being separated from parents was intense for them and we don't watch enough movies for them to know that the main character is generally Ok in the end. They were so emotionally involved I did resort to asking them if they know the difference between "fanciful" and "real" stories something that is explicitly taught by BJU starting in kindergarten. lol. Of course, there was a bowl of candy this evening.

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