Monday, October 24, 2016

Pumpkins and Succlents

This idea came across my blog feed and I found directions Pinterest. I couldn't believe that it was possibly as easy as the directions said, but it was! So I'll share...

You want a flat topped pumpkin. I was very torn between the white/green ones and orange. Orange won this time. I had lots of helpers giving input too! For the record, though, we left the nursery with just one pumpkin.
Take the stem off the pumpkin and gather some moss and succulents.
I used spray adhesive to attach the moss.
And then craft glue to attach the succulents to the moss. I stuck the roots down in the moss and used glue around the top of the succulents to sortof keep them in place.
I have mine on the picnic table on our deck and it still looks good. They say it will last as long as the pumpkin lasts and then you can plant the succulents elsewhere.

I'm planning to see how succulents do in my gutter flowerbeds. It is quite lovely to look out the window and see this--it makes me smile.

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