Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Isaiah-- 2 year Photos

Jeremy took some pictures for friends last weekend and we tagged along. After they were done, we took a hike and I asked Jeremy to grab some pictures of Isaiah. I am pretty thrilled with the results.

This is Isaiah's "I'm feeling insecure face."
This is his, "I'm not happy at all and if I look down and can't see you it will all go away" look. I rescued him immediately after this one.
Well, maybe Aliza got to him first.
We kept walking and when we let Isaiah off the path he was all smiles.

Isaiah is such a happy boy. He is playing in the sandbox now and will probably play happily there until I make him come in for supper. He runs as fast as he can to keep up with his big brother and sisters. And he likes to line up his trucks and tractors.

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