Friday, October 7, 2016

Joy Dare::September

3709. Handled the library, getting to the car in a downpour and changing a blowout diaper in the car with 3 other children commentating like a veteran mom.
3910. It's so hard to enforce a reasonable bedtime when the girls are having so much fun together
3711. Josiah's history test
3712. The beautiful day before a storm
3713. Deck and sandbox cleaned up
3714. Organizing in the spring paid off--I easily found the fall clothes I had stored
3715. The thrill of the thrift store find
3716. Helping a friend in a tangible way
3717. The excitement of some new toys, books and games
3718. Mom was available on short notice to help with a big job
3719. Aliza and Aunt Laura having great cooking conversations
3720. My kids get to play outside on gorgeous days
3721. Making gummies
3722. Prayed for my Gramma and her back pain went away
3723. Family Labor Day picnic
3724. Getting cereal boxes ready to send to Haiti
3725. Strawberry jelly in the freezer
3726. An evening walk
3727. The productivity of my day is not reflected in the state of my house
3728. First day of Community Bible Study
3729. Apparently Isaiah has a second mommy--his oldest sister
3730. A fun time at the cove
3731. A husband who can come home and pick up where I left off for the evening (and there was a lot left this evening!)
3732. Friday motivation to get schoolwork finished
3733. Maybe Josiah and I are finding a school rhythm
3734. Anna pretty excited about her bible study homework
3735. My children have some really special aunts
3736. The car is vacuumed--it was a monumental task
3737. Sweat and hard work
3738. My once-in-a-while special phone chat
3739. Shopping with my girls
3740. Church
3741. The comfort in an at-home family day
3742. Emoji cookie cutters
3743. Individual fruit cups being prepared
3744. My mama heart begins to understand my own mama's heart
3745. My scrapbooking proteges. I love letting them create with every bit of my stash that I let them use.
3746. Throwing schedule out the window to play with cousins = totally worth it
3747. My brother is grounded in reality
3748. Aliza came out of her first dance class happy
3749. Warm enough for another comfortable beach morning
3750. Baking a turkey and it's not even a holiday
3751. I don't think life could get much better for this boy
3752. Asked a seemingly far fetched question and got a very surprising answer
3753. Aliza got in on the dreaming session and she caught the vision
3754. So many tears when Daddy left for an overnight before a golf fundraiser
3755. Lots and lots of black eyed susan's blooming along the road
3756. Check in the mail
3757. An evening beach party
3758. Aliza's message written to us in the steamed up bathroom mirror
3759. Jeremy was able to golf and met his goal to support Young Life
3760. Thanks to this thing the circle around the sink drain is white again--the toilet bowl is white too!
3761. Board games and pretend picnics
3762. Getting to know better some ladies from my core group
3763. My plan went as I planned
3764. I forgot how great pedicures are
3765. Home all day
3766. Scrolling through pictures with my Gramma and Grandad
3767. Painting my girls nails
3768. Anna painting my nails
3769. Spelling words for Anna to write stories because she just loves to write
3770. A very fun trip to the zoo
3771. Talking about filling others (emotional) buckets
3772. Catching up in person with Chrissy
3773. A question
3774. One focus today: school
3775. About 9 inches less hair in my house
3776. Aliza decided that she was glad I made her join choir
3777. A lovely visit with a lovely couple
3778. The best way to eat an orange apparently
3779. Found just the right dress for Aliza
3780. Aunts that way to invest in my children
3781. Thanks to choir we are listening to Christmas music already
3782. Gorgeous blue sky
3783. Snack of the week--it is so much fun and looked forward to. It's worth cleaning up the mess
3784. Patience in the quantity I needed
3785. Isaiah finds an ant, squashes it and then looks at his hand and exclaims, "Got it! There it is!"
3786. Isaiah went into his CBS class without crying
3787. Jeremy teaching art
3788. It happened that Janell could stay with the littles and I didn't have to take everyone to an appointment
3789. Josiah had a ball with Renee
3790. When you don't have many chances to see a friend, you ride along with her while she picks up a kiddo
3791. Mom stayed longer so I could go grocery shopping
3792. It never gets old--the thyroid cancer test came back clear
3793. Way over the top excitement over the ditch being filled with water overnight

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