Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Isaiah!
We had so much fun celebrating Isaiah this weekend with balls--beach balls. The emphasis was the ball not the beach! Isaiah just loves balls. There were a dozen beach balls in our house when he woke up from his nap. He wasn't sure what to think at first, but with Uncle Joel and a bunch of siblings and cousins it wasn't long before there were balls being thrown and running and all kinds of craziness.

It is so sweet to watch a 2 year old receive gifts. They are so pleased with anything and are perfectly happy with one thing. Isaiah waited so patiently while Grandad opened the packaging.

The t-ball was a big hit--literally. Isaiah couldn't hit it hard off the stand, but when anyone handed him the ball he tried to hit it out of their hand--that was a little scary! It didn't take too long for us to get it outside and then he preferred to use the bat as a golf club.

Isaiah does his level best to keep up with the big cousins. I guess they are all used to having a little one around because they do a great job looking out for him.
I'm not saying that "I can't believe Isaiah is 2" because I can believe it. He has a lot of words that he is not afraid to use and I've taken on his will more than once this week! It's usually over whether or not he can eat ice cream right before a meal and if he actually has to take a nap. Once in a while he is just too cute for his own good--like when he insists that a grape is actually a ball and kicks it across the kitchen floor. A good parent would scold him, I'm sure, but I laugh right along with the rest of my children.

Isaiah, I love you! I can't wait to watch your personality develop this year.

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