Friday, October 14, 2016

Our Gymnast

Anna has been practicing cartwheels since she was 3 and has been working on handstands and bridges this summer. She loves going to open gym. She wasn't sure about a gymnastics class, but I felt like if we found the right one she would love it. Anna is the child that a lot of things comes easy for so I also thought that a situation where she was challenged would be good for her too. However, gymnastics is an expensive, competitive sport and she is only 5 so I was being careful not to push and break our budget.

A new gymnastics gym opened up in town. We went to the open house--I didn't register for a class. Earlier this week I found out, on very short notice, that a homeschool class was opening the next day. I went back and forth with Jeremy all day because--the money. Finally, at 10pm I sent a message of interest and received a reply back that the tuition for the homeschool class was 1/3 of the cost of the evening classes! That made for an easy decision!

Anna was very excited when I told her she was going to gymnastics class when she woke up that morning. We showed up for class and the welcome we received was a little confusing. Apparently, there was some confusion as to whether the homeschool class was actually starting this week. They read the facebook post that I had seen and responded to and agreed that, yes, it conveyed that the class was starting this week. I filled out that papers, paid and no one else showed up. Anna had an hour long private class!
I think she smiled the whole time. New for this week was a backward roll, handstand to a bridge and doing a flip on the bar. She was worn out by the end of the hour!
Occupying a 2 year old for an hour in a gym where he thinks he should be able to run and play is a whole other story! Isaiah did quite well, but this next week I will be more prepared!

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