Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Festive Start to the Season

The way we had to rush supper and out of the house and then be detoured around a traffic accident, it looked like the evening was going to be a bust. We continued on, parked and walked down the parade route to meet Janell's family and Dad to pass out Christmas books to children waiting for the parade to start. We passed out 50 books in no time and found a place to chat and watch the parade. It turned out that all 6 children loved the parade, the air was cool but reasonably comfortable and there was no wind. So we stayed.
Renee took it upon herself to be Isaiah's buddy. She taught him to wave at every float and say "Merry Christmas." I was enthralled. His legs were kicking and he waved and waved.
Anna wasn't so sure about the lights and drums so she hung out in my arms for a while. She warmed up eventually. We were at the beginning of the parade route so the kids ended up with lots of candy too! This is definitely one of my best Pocomoke Parade memories.
Last month the children and I really enjoyed Thanksgiving picture books. I was anxiously waiting for the #readaloudrevival picture book list to be published. It was a long list and our library had a whole bunch of them so I just checked them out and put a bunch on hold. If you figure that we read at least 3 each night (Aliza, Josiah and Anna each pick one) the pile gets read very quickly!
Aliza is asking if we are doing Advent this year. I haven't quite decided.

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