Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Scrapbook Bookshelf

Jeremy offered to wrap my Christmas present, but I opted for early installation. I've had my eye on a bookcase for my scrapbooks and I couldn't have been happier when one showed up on my doorstep. =)

I stayed out of the way, however, I couldn't help peeking in once in a while. Here's how it worked: Jeremy sat with the instruction book and coached Josiah, Aliza and Anna through the building process.
Jeremy is a great teacher and very patient.

Aliza was beyond thrilled to help me move the scrapbooks on to the shelves. Top left corner is wedding, Africa and 1st years of marriage. Then Aliza, Josiah, Anna and Isaiah each have a box. Second row, right box starts yearly family albums and are arranged by year.
I love it! I can tell that my scrapbooks are much happier to have a home than being stacked beside a bookcase. =) Said bookcase now has a couple free shelves and the printed blog books now have a home.


Anonymous said...

Where did you find your scrapbook bookcase? I am searching for a bookcase that will be able to handle the weight of my scrapbooks.

carla said...