Sunday, December 4, 2016

Joy Dare::November

 3879. Aliza and Josiah playing together
3880. School in the tree
 3881. Watching Anna do gymnastics
3882. One more comfortably warm day
3883. Unexpected Trades of Hope successes today
3884. The way the children greet their Daddy When he walks in the door each evening
3885. All 4 enjoying being together outside
3886. Beautiful leaves
3887. Time alone with Isaiah
3888. Josiah's first sea fishing trip
 3889. The girls had a great time watching Beauty and the Beast play
3890. The house was quiet. Isaiah was napping so I did too.
3891. Hanging out with Laura and Linda this evening
3892. Such a fun day everyone is having a hard time settling down
3893. An extra hour makes a long morning
3894. Planning ahead is rewarding but hard work
3895. Zephaniah 3:17
3896. Early start this morning
3897. The moment when I felt bad for being rough in my teaching direction
3898.Visiting with my Great Aunt
3899. My identity and security is not tied to whose in government
3900. Feeling a lot of compassion for so many broken hearted people
3901. Having some big conversations with our daughter
3902. Just enough energy to do everything I needed to do today
3903. Anna's night of ear pain was not an ear infection
3904. So much excitement over sleeping at Uncle Joel and Aunt Brandi's house
3905. My special time::cereal and tea at Christie's house
3906. An adult dinner to celebrate their 40 years of marriage
3907. The children had a great evening with a wonderful babysitter
3908. Isaiah got a good nap this afternoon
3909. Trying out my lularoe leggings Christmas gift
3910. Brandi's makeup, boots and shirt this weekend. She covered up my packing fails.
3911. Isaiah slept late so I did some Bible study this morning
3912. The whole Heslop family sitting together in church
3913. Thanksgiving dinner (early) and saying what we are thankful for
3914. A safe, quick trip home
3915. A chance meeting with an acquaintance in the grocery store and just enough time for a visit there in the aisle
3916. Aliza pointed out the gift in what seemed like a lot of wasted time
3917. Laughter
3918. Our own beds
3919. The owners of our dance studio showed amazing respect and courtesy to me today
3920. Chai made the afternoon a lot better
3921. Ezra had so much fun and we loved having him here
3922. Listening to Josiah
3923. Apple crisp in the oven which makes the house smell so good
3924. Lunch date with Jan, my mom and a booth full of kiddos
3925. Jeremy to got to play golf and get home in time for me to take Aliza to dress rehearsal alone
3926. Getting to call Meghan and my grandparents to tell them that I was given free tickets for them to come to Aliza's concert
3927. My best cleaning tactic--clean while having a really great phone conversation
3928. Loved watching Aliza sing in a large children's choir
3929. Sunday morning breakfasat
3930. I got a nap while Jeremy went to Aliza's choir performance
3931. 5 minutes in the car, just me and Jeremy, counts as a date
3932. Followed a whim and made my friend cry over pizza
3933. Gave Anna free reign to decorate her birthday cake
3934. Anna played with her birthday present all day
3935. Josiah setting off on his own adventure
3936. Playing at Coco's, getting nails painted and pizza--the requested birthday outing
3937. It was a rough day on the water but Josiah came home happy
3938. A chance to visit with my Dad
3939. My growing up boy caught a shark and saw a whale
3940. Beautiful day to remember all I am thankful for
3941. Sitting at my parents table surrounded by family
3942. A trip to WV with no traffic
3943. Isaiah getting so excited when he saw Grandma and Grandpa's house
3944. My mother-in-law worked 3 nights in a row, slept for a few hours and still graciously welcomed us
3945. Thanksgiving dinner that I could *almost* taste this time. (I've had a cold.) Sitting around the table talking after eating
3946. Moments like these:
3947. A healthy new nephew arrived!
3948. Making the most of quick lunches with far away friends
3949. Sometimes my husband is the voice of conviction I need
3950. Aliza and I got to hold baby Sean
3951. I looked over and Isaiah was laying right beside Anna trying his best to do leg lifts with her
3952. A really fun evening at the parade
3953. A good trip to the library means walking out with almost more books than you can carry
3954. Leftover Thanksgiving dinner for supper
3955. Neighbors looking out for each other
3956. Last day of November was warm enough for a walk in flip flops.

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