Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had a lovely Easter celebration. Not only did we celebrate our Lord's Resurrection, we got to celebrate spring. The trees were green, the flowers were blooming and the air was not just warm. It was hot! It was a perfect day to be reminded of new life.

We had church in the morning and family egg hunt and feast in the evening. Jeremy was in a picture taking mood. Sorry. These have already been on facebook, but here are some of my favorite people pictures.

My father-in-law. It is so good to see that smile and sparkle in his eyes.

My mother-in-law, me and Anna. This was the first Easter that we had with them since we've had children. It was great to have them with us.

My Grandad with Renee.

My Gramma. She wasn't feeling well, but she could sit and enjoy the children.

My Mom and Dad.

Linda. We celebrated her birthday on Sunday. =)

Laura. We celebrated her birthday on Sunday too. =)

Renee. Almost walking.

Caleb's egg hunting face.

Gideon. He stands at the window calling for me. I know. I'm an awesome aunt. I bring 2 crazy kids to his house to play with.

Josiah. He was really into dress clothes this weekend. It was hot. I insisted he wear shorts and he had to be hot in that long sleeve shirt.


Me and Anna.

Me, Mom and Anna.

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